Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Adventures of Little Mistai: The Beginning (Mistai Series Book 1) by Agris Mistai

The Blurb: 

Cursed with Dark Energy, will Mistai be able to find his way to light? Will he be able to find his father and bring his family together? 

The Story: 

The story is about a boy named Mistai who lived with his parents in Mistaville. The story is about nine realms and to restore the balance between them that was out of place since the great war. The original stones from all nine realms put together bring the pure light that was supposed to be used to save the realms and use it against the dark king was lost. Everyone blames this on Mistai’s father who had a secret meeting with the Dark King but was blown in the blast and was now in the coma-like state since then. 

Mistai a young boy with abilities beyond control is lost in his own anger and who can't seem to get hold of his emotions. The story continues with the great Ealdor-XI shows up to explain to him about his abilities and that he has the power to choose wisely and differently from destruction. 

So exactly how will Mistai restore the nine realms? Will Mistai be able to control his anger? How will he stop the dark king?

My take

Adventures of Little Mistai: The Beginning is the 1st book in the series of Mistai Series written by Agris Mista. 

This book is filled with outstanding magic, unique storyline, captive characters, impressive realms, beautiful stones, a wonderful expression of emotions.

The opening of the first chapter seemed a bit confusing but as I read further it became clear and easy to understand. The story is short and very exciting. Author Agris Mistai has written it in a very impressive way. The description of characters is well written along with the plot and adventure. I love reading this book as I finished reading this in one sitting.

Overall a short and engaging story. And if you are looking for a quick read with an interesting story that is filled with magic, hope, amazement than click here and read now the book Adventures of Little Mistai: The Beginning, Book 1 in the Mistai Series written by Agris Mista. 

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