Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Love in the Time of Corona Virus by Kawalpreet Kaur.

The Blurb: 

The Story revolves around a teenage love story of Siya and Shravan. Not only their innocent love face caste issues but the harsh world and finally the relationship breaks.
Times flies and how destiny plans to finish the incomplete chapter of Siya and Shravan they meet again but in between of corona crisis.

Will there love break again? Or this time they will fight back?

The Story: 

The story is about a girl names Siya who falls in love with a Shravan AKA Sky when they were in school. But as it was back in 2012 where reputation was more important than love, they broke up. Moving from School to college and from college to a new city, Siya had many love opportunities, but she could never forget her first love Sky. 

The story continuous as Siya tries to Balance her life and move forward but everything comes to a stop when she enters the office for an interview and sees the boss is none other than Sky her first love. What will happen next? Going for a trip to China is there her life turns upside down when the deadly virus affects her and the world suffers from the corona crisis. 

So what happens to Siya and Sky love story? How did the story end? Is there still hope for them to be together? What happened in China? How did Carona spread through the world?

My Take: 

Love in the Time of Corona Virus: When nature turns in the mood of revenge is the debut novel written by the author Kawalpreet Kaur. I have always loved reading love stories and I am glad that I got to read this lovely and full of emotions story written by the author Kawalpreet Kaur. 

Starting from the start, the story is written in a very exciting and easy to understand language making it gripping and will keep you hooked to the book until you have finished reading it completely. As I started reading this I could easily feel related and connected to the book on a personal level, from school love to family reputations, from heartbreak to unforgettable love, from doing things without thinking of making life decisions, from the first interview to seeing your ex. Every emotions were powerfully expressed making it relatable. 

The highlight and the most interesting thing about the book are the chapter names which are written in Hindi cliches. That made me smiled every time I read the chapter name. Also, the quotes at the end of every chapter are heart touching and soulful making it more unique and beautiful to read. The characters are well defined, and the story is in the fast-moving phase making the storyline compelling and impressive. 

The author Kawalpreet Kaur has done extremely hard work in writing the detailed description of Coronavirus and how it started and its impact. Even though it's a fiction story, but the information related to the virus is, in-fact true and its impact on the world. This book will not only give you a beautiful love story but will also give you more information about Coronavirus and how it all started. 

Overall if you are looking for a short lovely, delightful love story along with a description of Coronavirus then click here and read now the book Love in the Time of Corona Virus by Kawalpreet Kaur.


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