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Redemption: The Alien Invasion (The Battle Series Book 1) by Aditya Kumar

The Blurb:

Redemption: The Alien Invasion is an epic Fantasy and Science Fiction novel starts in the future in 10,005 AD. The story starts with the plot that Earth is invaded by the most powerful civilization of the universe and they are making everyone's life miserable. They are so much powerful that even our most dangerous weapons do not affects them. In these dark times, an 18-year boy named Mark gets extreme superpowers in mysterious way. But what he can do to that insane creature? As story moves, he goes for adventure against those species and also finds some strange truth about himself as well as other civilizations including the one who invaded on Earth. He fights for hope and unravels the hidden mystery, but the truth is much more complicated. This book illustrates the basic human emotion like fear, hope and love in dark moments along with an epic war in space.

Some contents (quote) from the book (Without any spoiler) :

We let the darkness to surround us... we forgot to come out, and darkness took us in its realm.

Someone had to come to show that living is not a liability, but it is a pleasure.

He found a way that was forgotten and through this path, he will take everyone to the place which was forbidden.

Love is simply like a universal truth without any cause, and just having the effect... a wonderful one. 

The Story: 

The story starts with Aleina who is searching for a way to save our universe from the upcoming terror attack. The universe is facing a great danger from an unknown creatures that don't belong to our universe, they come from somewhere else and their intentions may be to steal the universe or may want to rearrange everything.

So Aleina who is an expert in finding war heroes that help to win battles is with the other Council members and they are trying their best, also preparing themselves to be ready for the war.

They know that the threats are real which was proved by the recent attack on their minions. The Attack didn't only make them vulnerable to the upcoming invasion but also made them doubt their self regarding self-defense from the war.

Alina a beautiful smart confident young woman finds the way to defend the universe from the upcoming war and is standing in front of counsel with her plans, that she discovers from an old diary. A diary that contains not just the location of the writer Mark, a war hero a survivor.

So the story continues from page one to the last page of that old diary. From knowing about Mark Rayanson to his most extremely unique and interesting backstory. From superpowers, Aliens, Planets, Universe to Immortal ones.

So who is Mark Rayanson? How did he exactly managed to fight with Aliens and saved the whole of mankind? What Happens next? What exactly is written in that diary? Will Aleina find Mark Rayansion?

My Take: 

Redemption: The Alien Invasion written by Aditya Kumar is the 1st book in The Battle Series. The first thing that comes in my mind as I started reading the book was that it is written in lucid language and very intriguing to read. The story is not only creative but also very imaginative.

Author Aditya Kumar has done exceptional work, he has described everything with details and at the same time in a simple manner, along with an interesting way that will grasp anyone's attention. The uniqueness of the characters, to fight the war, from logic to undoubted techniques, everything had a perfect balance.

The highlight of the book is obviously the story-line with a perfect end which the author has written in a very clever way that made the end not only interesting but also a great way of opening for book 2 in The Battle Series.

Overall, a very intriguing well-written story. So click here and read now the book Redemption: The Alien Invasion (The Battle Series Book 1) written by Aditya Kumar.

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