Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Tailor's Needle by Lakshmi Raj Sharma

The Blurb:

Cambridge educated Sir Saraswati Chandra Ranbakshi is a towering public figure in early twentieth-century India. A firm believer in the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, he also has faith in the virtues of the British Raj. As a result, he has to mediate between the Maharaja of a princely state and the Viceroy and strike a fine balance between tradition and modernity. This tussle between old and new values is reflected in his three children, the daredevil Maneka, the timid Sita, and their brother Yogendra, who turns their father's world upside down by falling in love with a lower-caste girl. The Tailor's Needle explores some of the great moral dilemmas of pre-independent India with wit and sensitivity.

The Story:

The story starts from Dehradun 1933, Yogendra trying to get his father's Sir Saraswati's attention but having said the difference between them was a mountain and no less than a molehill, it was difficult to get his consideration.

Sir Saraswati's a public servant who has hid son from the public, is a man with no question asked. On the other hand, Yogendra like any other townsmen is nothing like his father but an ordinary man that's what he thought of himself as he had not done anything respectable.

Savitri the wife of Sir Saraswati and mother of Yogendra sitting in peace and remembering about the day from getting married powerful public figure Sir Saraswati till now being a mother of Yogendra.

So the story continues in Delhi 1917 from Lord Mortimer Edmund writing in his journal about living in India and his immediate goals. From singing songs of "Yes, we will have snow" to singing "I promise you will miss me". From eating mouth-watering Suji halwa to reading official letters. From British Raj to Indian ethics and from being a public servant to becoming a greater father and person towards the country India that struggle for independence.

This book with exhilarating narration bye author Lakshmi Raj Sharma will make you not only emotional but also will keep you entertained until the last page. Once started reading this you will not be able to stop.

My Take:

The Tailor's Needle by Lakshmi Raj Sharma is a perfect book to relive the past of the early 20th century in India.

I loved reading this book as it is written in simple English that makes the book fascinating to read and easy to imagine. As I read this book it took me to a whole new ear of India that I had only heard of till now and never fully experienced. 

The way the author Lakshmi Raj Sharma has described this story flawlessly that I found myself lost in the book and felt entertained to read it fully in one go. And the narration done is just remarkable.

The author Lakshmi Raj Sharma has given us a detailed description of characters, express of emotions, the delightful treats of entertainment and lucid language for us to enjoy this book and feel from our hearts. The author is a skilled writer and has written this book professionally that you will also say once you finish reading this book. The British Raj and other times of India before Independence is described impressively. The book is not only classic fiction but I also enjoyed the entertainment, along with the impression that it left on me at the end is just beyond appraisal. 

Overall I love reading this book with the perfect blend of classic era and entertainment. So click here and read now the book The Tailor's Needle by Lakshmi Raj Sharma 

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