Monday, April 20, 2020

Kurukshetra: God In The Time of COVID by Amar B. Singh

The Blurb: 

Thousands of years later, Krishna and Arjuna meet again in the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

Arjuna is in a new battle this time, that with the virus... The bravest of warriors is helpless against nature and seeks some fundamental answers from the Creator...With his son dead, will Arjuna listen to the Lord and get over his grief or, have times changed...

Written in verses, the poetry takes to the human experience of life and the basic quest of understanding how life works and why... Knowing God's mind..

My Take:

Kurukshetra: God In The Time of COVID is the third book written by Amar B. Singh. And he is back with more powerful and enduring poems, that will not only touch your heart but will also express emotions that somewhere even you must be feeling.

Reading poems by Amar B. Singh has always been a delightful treat. That not only makes me feel the emotions that he expresses but also makes me connect to it.

The book starts with a preface where the author & poet Amar B. Singh shows us the reality that happened when COVID started, from ignoring to denial, from making jokes till facing consequences and the reality of it. And how he has written this book giving it a spiritual touch to his poem by adding his favorite childhood book Kurukshetra into his own book. Then the book continues with the Prologue an introductive poem and followed by uniquely written 10 poems are basically chapters of one story. 

Kurukshetra: God In The Time of COVID is a book with a story said in verses. Continuous just like in Bhagawad Gita, Arjun asks questions and Krishna answers and lets him know the truth gradually. The book is the most unique, more powerful, soulful, compelling, religious, truthful, hopeful, and full emotion written in an impressive way.

The highlight of the book is that the verses are written spiritually and also give us hope, that in these tough times we need to stay strong. Also, the author & poet Amar B. Singh has done a clever and creative work in this book Kurukshetra: God In The Time of COVID.

Overall, must-read poems with a perfect balance of religion and current situation. Well expresses and impressive poems. So click here and read the book Kurukshetra: God In The Time of COVID by Amar B. Singh.

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