When a Girl Meets a Guy by Ashis Chirgun

The Blurb: 

What will you do, when you meet your soul mate for the first time? Nobody can get an idea that a particular person is the love of his/her life until destiny comes in their way. All you can do is wait and let destiny write your story. Experience one of the most unusual love stories of the current time. When Aishani met Abhi for the first time in that hall, she never had an idea in her dreams that she will meet him again and again. There is no accidental meeting between two souls. Aishani’s fortuitous meeting with Abhi in that heart-breaking moment had just changed her life forever.

The Story:

When a Girl Meets a Guy is a story of 2 different individuals. A story of an actress and a reporter. Aishani a newbie in the acting industry won an award in supporting role, is at a press conference for an interview. But the interview is suddenly cut short when the famous celebrity’s kid shows up in the studio and all the press and cameraman leaves to take their photos instead, leaving Aishani shocked and heartbroken. With teary eyes, she is ready to leave when suddenly a reporter asks her to continue, confused and astonished she sees one reporter is still sitting. The same reporter who had asked her questions regarding her career just before everyone left. Seeing his dedication towards his work, she was truly thankful and grateful continued her interview for the next 25 minutes. 
Abhi, the reporter who couldn’t see the new actress in teary eyes, it was clear that she was heartbroken, and it was just sad to see. He continued the interview as he saw the hardworking and devoted person in her and enjoyed every minute of the interview, making her relaxed and confident. Later, for not taking the pictures of the famous kids, Abhi was fired, and he went back to his native place, but he still couldn’t let go Aishani from his mind. Like a teenager, he stocked her social media and as she grew in her career as Abhi had already predicted, Abhi found himself falling in love with her and finally after 3 years they meet again in an interview. So what will happen next? When they meet, how will she react? Will she remember him?
My Take:
A simple love story with hope and support. How a small gesture can make others happy. This book is a perfect story for hope and kindness. As the story moved forward, the characters grew too, and author Ashis Chirgun has done a great job in doing so. The story-line is simple and elegant. I liked the other characters and their encouragement, which is not so easy to find in other books. I found this book relatable and the author has done admirable work in this book. When a Girl Meets a Guy book is in simple English and can be read within a day. The highlight of the book is the writing style of the author Ashis Chirgun. As I read, I found myself wondering what will happen next? How are they going to meet now? Which is great for a new author.
Overall loved the simplicity of the story and would recommend romance lover to give this book a try. So click on the link and fall in love with beautiful Aishani in the book When a Girl Meets a Guy by Ashis Chirgun: https://amzn.to/2T7fLIe


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