The Fragile Thread of Hope By Pankaj Giri

The Blurb: 

In the autumn of 2012, destiny wreaks havoc on two unsuspecting people—soham and Fiona. Although his devastating past involving his brother still haunted him, Soham had established a promising career for himself in Bangalore. After a difficult childhood, Fiona's fortunes had finally taken a turn for the better. She had married her beloved and her life was as perfect as she had ever imagined it to be. But when tragedy strikes them yet again, their fundamentally fragile lives threaten to fall apart. Can Fiona and Soham overcome their grief? Will the overwhelming pain destroy their lives? Seasoned with the flavours of exotic Nepalese traditions and set in the picturesque Indian Hill station, Gangtok, the fragile thread of hope explores the themes of spirituality, faith, alcoholism, love and guilt while navigating the complex maze of family relationships. Inspirational and heart-wrenchingly intimate, it urges you to wonder—does hope to stand a chance in this travesty called life? 

My Take: 

I loved how the author Pankaj Giri has covered all aspects of life, from childhood to adulthood, from plain to happiness and sadness to blissfulness of life, family, love, loss, grief, regret, loneliness and hope. Yes as the title says The Fragile Thread of Hope, don't we all agree to it? I certainly do. I like the part where Soham stands at the door and watches his parents sleep and he realizes the importance of them that gave him mental peace. I found this book a very passionate life story and no wonder Auther has done a great job in describing everything perfectly as I found myself emotional as I read it. 

Overall loved the book and would definitely recommend reading this book filled with hope and faith. Click on the link and read yourself an epic story of love and loss with The Fragile Thread of Hope: 


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