The Unfortunates: and yet life goes on By Abhinav Mishra

The Blurb:

When four individuals embark on their separate journey, fighting with all the obstacles life throws at them, they are not aware of that one piece of thread that links them together. One event from the past changes the course of their life and they're not able to do anything about it. Or are they?

The Unfortunates is about their journey and their struggle to find out why are they so unfortunate. Is it because of something from the past, a result of their karma, a curse or all of it? So when life gets out of their control, will they give up or continue fighting their misfortunes?

The Story: 

The book The Unfortunates: and yet life goes on starts with Swati's random diary note, Meera's Prologue, Tanya's unfortunate since birth and Ritesh's Shahrukh at heart. The story revolves around these 4 different individuals that are facing different life crises in their journey of life but yet are related together. The story is about how a single decision can affect so many lives and at the same time, karma a vicious cycle that no human mind can understand will catch on, in part of life. So what is that thing that connects everyone together? 

My Take: 

The book is a perfect blend of uniqueness and suspense. The ending is what I like the most. The secret reveling and all the answers. Author Abhinav Mishra has written this book with detailed emotions and heartbreaks. I like the way the author has developed very realistic characters, that even after the hurt and loss they still end up giving chances to the same person. Isn't it what we do in real life? The story-line and other events are smoothly narrated. And I do believe in Karma what goes around comes around, and this is the perfect story for that. And at the end the short note from the Author's desk, his confusion in life, he asks one question that most of us ask our-self.

Overall I liked this book and if you are looking for a unique story then click on the link and read now the story of The Unfortunates: and yet life goes on by Abhinav Mishra:


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