Adhaata Asao's Liege by Afroz Alam

The Blurb:

A long time ago... He had imprisoned them in the caverns of Mt. Hemil. They who ravaged the city of Kushlam...the golden capital... The Gods spoke of a Prophecy then... And now it has come to pass. The dark enemy of yore rises. Only an incarnation of Lord Vishnu has the power to defeat and destroy the enemy of Kushlam. A farmer from Bamiyan, unaware of what destiny has in store for him, is pushed into circumstances beyond his control. Will he accept that he is the prophesised Avatar? Will he save Kushlam from its enemies and free the world from the fear of the trapped monsters who have found a way out of their infallible trap?

The Story: 

The story 'Adhaata Asao's Liege' starts with 5 merchants traveling on their way home from Purshapuam to ply their trade. To reach home, they have to cross the mountains to reach home, and they were far away from home. Rabhu, Gopall, Banku, Peru and their leader Aarnik were the 5 merchants. Rabhu and Gopall are the youngest in the group and are the best friends. They were in the middle of the desert and storm is dancing over their head, so to reach the nearest civilization they need to take a shortcut, a way faster than on the mountain. But it was said that the path was dangerous and cursed, a blood road and whoever crossed it never survived. Even though the path was dangerous, but their desperateness for rest that made others agree with the decision. But as said the 5 did lose someone in the valley, but who?

A civilization Kushlam located between two mountains, a city of Lord Visnu, filled with gold and beautiful houses. A mahant (Monk) broke his 3 years austerity as he sensed the arrival of the destined one from the golden lake. Kushlam is Lord Visnu’s city and from thousands of years, the city had an enemy that only a few remember. Even though the city has forgotten the enemy, but the evil hasn’t and they still remember and are waiting for all these years to take revenge.

The destined one is one of the 5 merchants and when the king, and others were told about his role, no one believes it, not even the destined one himself.

But as said the destined one is the Avatar of Lord Vishnu and he will save the city of Kushlam from the evil army. How will he do that? Who is he?

Also, the book contains dragons, a magical sword, beyond our imagination an epic storyline and divine power. 

My Take: 

I have read many mystic stories, but I found this the most uncomplicated book ever. Author Afroz Alam has written this book in a simple language and easy-to-understand storyline, that grasped my attention till the end. Who doesn’t loves dragons’? Well, I do and this is a perfect story for them, and again I’m just impressed by the writing style of the author and the storyline. All the characters were well defined and their roles were perfectly portrayed. The ending was also clever and perfectly timed. 

Overall, loved this book and if you are a dragon and adventure seeker, you must read this book and enjoy it just as I did. So click on the link and read the book adventurous book of Adhaata Asao’s Liege by Afroz Alam:


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