Jim Ozy & The Perils of Algebra By Nathan Pratyksh Khanna

The Blurb: 

A writer travels to a faraway land to meet his hero. The journey takes him on a trail of suspense and adventure, across uncertain terrains. When the writer finally meets Jim, the subject of his proposed book, he is amazed in many ways, for Jim’s tale is no ordinary one. It is closely intertwined with many complex situations and incredible characters, both good and evil. 

Within the larger tale unfolds many a story—stories of a mysterious cult, a serious combat for restitution of order and an eventual fortuitous disclosure. 

In a resplendent land that has seen no summer heat, where darkness lurks here and there, something strange has been fomenting for long. Will someone rise to the occasion to safeguard his homeland, even if it means the end of his life? 

The Story: 

The story Jim Ozy & The Perils of Algebra is about a writer Nathan Rhet, a traveler, an explorer who came to a province Annie Serpent Stretch in search of Jim Ozy. Jim Ozy hero of the story and the writer Nathan. The story starts with Nathan traveling to a small province, a hamlet, to write stories on Jim Ozy and his adventure. Nathan is a great admirer of Jim and believes in all the stories he had heard about him. It was known that Jim was presumed dead as no one had known about him from the past 6 years. But after coming to Jim’s hometown, he finds that he is alive but missing. 

Living in Jim’s home province, Nathan explores his house, and gather his stories from the local neighbored and villagers. Nathan also finds himself interested in local traditions and legends linked to the hamlet. The villagers and the locals are very welcoming, and they embraced Nathan wholeheartedly. They gave him not just stories, but feed him, gave him a place to stay and a place in their hearts. 

While giving company to 2 villagers to Marieland, the main town, to help them get the new rare apple trees. While returning, Nathan attracts the attention of shape-shifting creature with cyan eyes that follows him to the province and in the house where Nathan and others hide scared. Saved by Jim, who kills the creature, Nathan is not only grateful but also eager to meet his hero. Nathan is more than happy when Jim agrees to the offer of Nathan to travel together to Jim’s yark; house. And all the time, Jim shared the adventures and true story of Algebra. 

So who are these shape-shifting creatures with cyan eyes? Is the story of great gold treasures true? Will Nathan find what he came for, a great story of Jim Ozy in perils of Algebra? 

My Take: 

Starting from the start, I like the personally drawn map by author Nathan Pratyksh Khanna of the province. It gives a real touch to the story and giving  us a fair idea of the payout of the province. Author Nathan Pratyksh Khanna has done an outstanding job in creating this book. The book is fascinating to read, and also I found myself lost in the adventure. The story-line is expressed in details and the author Nathan Pratyksh Khanna has done a tremendous job in explaining the legends and other province traditions and stories. Though the author has given fictional names to ordinary things, I still found myself interested and eager to read ahead. 

The characters, creatures, the stories, the places all are described and explained well and with details. So once you start reading I'm sure you will find yourself addicted to it and won't stop until you have read the whole book. I also loved the ending chapter where author has mentioned all the fictional names and their role in the book which is interesting to read.

Overall, I loved the book and would definitely recommend all the fiction lovers to read this book and experience the adventure. So click on the link to read and experience the adventure in the book Jim Ozy & The Perils of Algebra By Nathan Pratyksh Khanna: https://amzn.to/2VwA5Vh


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