One Precious Moment By Ritu Kakar

The Blurb:

One Precious Moment is a poignant and beautiful story of love and loss. Mira Singh, discovers her ability to re- bulid her life on her own terms. This is a story that will tug at your heart, and hopefully make you feel thankful for the life you lead.

The Story:

One Precious Moments by Ritu Kakar is an emotional love story of Mika Singh and Rahul Singh. After sharing 6 beautiful years of marriage, an event left her widow and alone. This is the story where Mira shares her and Rahul’s Love story. The story starts from the first meet to the first date, after months of silent talks to falling in love, from traveling in a train together to talking with eyes. Mira explains to us all. This story is not just a love story but also a story of loss, hope, and support. How family is always there to help and guide us in every aspect of life and to share the burden of grief.

After the death of her loving husband, it was very difficult to live, but she manages just fine with the support of her families and a piece of good news at the end.

Life is about living and accepting what happens. So will Mira move on after her husband's death? What leads Mira to finally being able to move on? How one precious moment can change your life forever?

My Take:

In simple words I just loved this story, it made me smile, blush, laugh, cry and sad and many other emotions that I can explain. Author Ritu Kakar has defined emotions in remarkably well manner, and I found myself feeling the same things that the character Mira was filling, from sadness to joy and from love to loss. The language is also written in simple English and admirably written, making it extra interesting to read. The most perfect and best part of the book was chapter 19 and the ending, which not only made me cry with happiness but also showed me hope that no matter what life brings at us, it always finds a way to give us one precious moment to be happy.

Overall, loved this book and if you are looking to read a love story, then click on the link and read now the story of Love and loss of Mira in One Precious Moments By Ritu Kakar:


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