ROSÉ'S... BENT STEM: Girl Tangled By Nomita Khanna


The Blurb:

A suspense thriller inspired by true events.

Tana, a diligent, young nurse with a troubled childhood, can’t believe her luck when she finds Vikram, a rich widower who says she is the ‘love of his life’.

The strong attraction quickly turns into something else, unraveling her life. Nightmares that wrecked her childhood are back—and ripping her world apart. Evil has already claimed victims. Is it about to take another?

As the four walls of her majestic Lutyens bungalow begin to close in on her, she spirals down into a dungeon. In this twisted world with betrayal at every step, she decides not to stay miserable and becomes the person she never thought she could be. The path to escape is swarming with grisly ambushes and ... intrigue.

No one really knows what happens behind closed doors or what goes inside a person’s mind. How far will someone go to protect their secrets or to get what they want? Farther than anyone can imagine. PEOPLE ARE UNKNOWABLE.

The Story: 

ROSÉ'S... BENT STEM: Girl Tangled is a story of a girl named Tana; a young nurse with and broken soul. Childhood trauma still haunts her every day and makes her feel helpless and to cope up with it she writes her feelings in her diary, which gives her hope.  Everything is good when she finds Vikaram Patel a millionaire widower, a love of her life; that's what she thinks. But after their marriage, Tana lands herself in a bad marriage with domestic violence and new psychological torture. Tana, a nurse of the year has many other issues besides her marriage. With constant nagging of her best jealous friend Pri and with Shoba didi; a housemaid but talked and taunted more like a mother in law, Tana still moves forwards and try to escape everything else from her mind. It's not easy and she still finds her self in a life-threatening situation, where she found her mind stuck and shocked. 

Tana means Stem, and to her, she seems strong. So just as the title read, Rose's bent stem, Is Tana broken? what happens next after Tana finds herself in a bad marriage? Will she ever find peace? Why do people act and behave differently and in reality are totally different people?

My take: 

I like the story and the suspense. At first, it was a bit confusing and the way everything was written, it seemed like either it was incomplete or was written in a difficult manner, but once I reached almost halfway through the book I started understanding the missing piece of the earlier chapters. I like the way the author as written the book in a suspense manner and giving away the secrets via only one mood. As the book says it's based on true events, the characters were described in a very realistic way. As the author, Nomita Khanna says we never know what goes on in one's mind, after reading this book I do agree with her and would love to read the second book on Tana. 

Overall I enjoyed reading the book and would recommend all the suspense lovers to read this book. So click on the link and read the  suspense thriller inspired by true events story and find your self what goes on in Tana's mind by reading her diary and just like me ask yourself, what happens next?:


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