Mysteries Inside The Dreams By Gokul Sundara Moorthy

The Blurb:

What are Dreams? What is Reality? A perfect blend of Dreams and Reality. Iniyan who lost his happiness is trying to find his happiness. On his journey, he meets Mr. X who entirely changes the vision of Iniyan's life and shows the other dimensions of his life. Finally Iniyan finds the truth of his life and happiness. What mysteries will straighten out? Welcome to the unseen, never before experienced journey of dreams and reality. How things would get mysterious with time travelling? Witness a thrilling and nail-biting suspense story with head scratching twists and turns and edge of the seat action. Mysteries of Dreams and Reality are revealed.

The Story:

The story is about Iniyan, a schizophrenic patient struggling with his parent’s unfortunate death. That leads him to be not happy and finding it all his life. Though Iniyan found happiness when he married his love Sarah with a stepson Joe. Whom he loved dearly. But the dream or reality had already been caught up and still, it couldn’t keep him happy. In most parts of his life, Iniyan has been followed by Mr. X and heard him whispering in his ears. Iniyan doesn’t know what’s real and what’s a dream anymore. So struggling form himself he checks himself in hospital. So what will happen next? Who is Mr. X that follows him around? Will he find happiness? Is it really a dream?

My Take: 

As the book title says Mysteries inside a dream, it suits the story perfectly. The story is filled with mystery and suspense. At the end of every chapter, it will keep you on your toes to what will happen next, and who is this Mr. X? I found dialogue written a bit confusing at first but later after 2 chapters I was familiar with the writing style. I like the story wherein the end everything is connected. And the character is dumbfounded just like us. 

Overall, I liked this book it’s a short interesting story filled with a thrilling and extraordinary suspense story with head-scratching twists and turns that will keep you on edge of the seat. So read now the Mysteries of Dreams and Reality as they are revealed By Gokul Sundara Moorthy :


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