OFFSPRINGS By Krishanu Banerjee

The Blurb:

Offsprings'- the book contains seventy poems which are unique by nature. Unique in this sense that each and every poem describes the poet's realistic thoughts which he has experienced and beautifully penned. Each poem (except 2 or 3) is written in rhyme, beautiful to read and recite. The poet has heartily worshipped the best genre of literature

The Book:

The book is a collection of 70 beautifully written poem by the author and poet Krishanu Banerjee, an elementary teacher by profession and a bilingual poet by nature. Krishna Banerjee is also a co-author of few books like What if, Silent Thoughts, The Unspoken Tales, My Running Mind and many more.

My Take:

The book starts with the first poem 'Prayer to my god' a simple rhyming poem that I like the most. The second poem is 'Poem' its the poem in which Krishanu Banerjee has written the feelings of him while writing a poem at night. And the list of poems goes on. I loved each and every poem as these are the most beautiful and elegant poems. And the rhyming poems are my favorite. Some of my favorite poems are Mistake or Sin, A little story, A small love poem and others of course.

Overall its a perfect poetry book with a beautiful book cover. So click on the link and read the collections of 70 perfect and unique poems in the book Offspring:


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