Twilight Of Broken Heart : Pain in a Man's heart By Milik Ahmed

The Blurb: 

Twilight Of Broken Heart is a collection of Poetry describing the events of a Heart in the journey of Love. It contains different phases of love and explain the feelings associated. The book contains long and short poetries and quotes in total of four sections, Hurt Healing, Love and Honey Dew, which contains poetry related to taboo topics and others

About Book: 

The has a total collection of 41 beautifully expressed poems. The book is arranged into 4 chapters based on emotions and each chapter has poems related to it. 1st Chapter ‘Hurt’ that contains 15 heart touching poems. Chapter 2 ‘Healing’ that contains 14 soulful poems. Chapter 3 'Love’ contains 6 heart whelming poems and the last chapter ‘Honey Dew’ contains 6 sweet and lovely poems. 

My take: 

I have always loved poetry books, this book is my personal favorite and reading these beautiful poetries, it has refreshed my mind and soul. I think the author Milik Ahmed has done a clever job by diving the poems into 4-chapter, Hurt, Healing, Love & Honey Dew. I found it unique and quite impressive. All the poems are easy to read and will touch your heart as it certainly did mine. The author has done a great job and has successfully expressed the emotions and other touching stories via his poems. 

My most favorite poems from each chapter are: 

1. Hurt – Yes it was my mistake. 
2. Healing - You have never tried. 
3. Love – First Kiss. 
4. Honey Dew – To my mother. 

Overall, I loved this book would and for sure will gift my loved ones, a copy too 😊 So click on the link to read and find yourself lost in the aura created by the author Milik Ahmed with his lovely poetry book Twilight Of Broken Heart:


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