What a 25-Year-Old Wants! By Rahul

The Blurb: 

Today, in the constantly evolving world, opinions have become noise, propaganda is at its peak, expectations are soaring through rooftops and time, as usual, is a constraint. To know what u really want has become the most difficult question and keeping up to speed with the life around u has become exhausting. We all have learnt to build a public image for ourselves and our opinions are based on social media timelines. Nothing seems right and nothing makes sense!

Look I know it's a questioning phase of ur life at this point in time. M not being a hypocrite here and M a 25-year-old too. So let me take u on a journey and let's discover what a 25-year-old really wants! We will look into the life journey of imminent personalities and see what they were doing when they were 25. I will walk u through the 9 gems that I have discovered in my life while navigating my 25th year on a sea of chaos, uncertainty and confusion. So bear with me and talk to me about What a 25-year-Old Wants!

The Story:

What a 25-year-Old Wants! is a personal development and self-help book that is written by Author R who is itself 25-year-old and writes about the struggles and how to really help ourselves. 

The Book Consist of 10 gems in life that is important for a 25-year-old should know about. Starting with 

1. Spontaneity, it gives us the power to be anyone we want and do anything we want. That also help us to transfer our boring life to something exiting. 

2. Awareness, its about what goes around you. The chapter also covers the part of Mental health, the book says having a health issue can make you feel that everything around us seem shitty and insignificant, so advise for it is to get up and U should if not for our self but for the sake our parents. 

The chapter also covers about Harassment! and Awareness and to speak up.

3. Experience, it can make us understand the Gravity of our situation right now we are in. 

4. Sensibility, it is to believe in our self and keep our intentions pure. Instead of complaining, we can do something to change that. Everything we do has an impact, Author says the impact on us, impact on others and most importantly impact on our Planet

5. Expression, it helps us get rid of those pretentious boundaries existing around us and forces us to be collaborative, to be respectful to other’s gifts and be tolerant of every being around us. 

6. Choice, at the age of 25 there is a fine line between being immature and being Responsible. We find ourselfs struggling between career, relationships and practically everything around us. So this chapter gives us another perspective on how to see it and how it will help us.

7. Humility, As per the Author, there is only one gem in this world that helps us get over ourselves, stops us from being selfish and prevents us from being the arrogant that is Humility. With Humility comes Acceptance, Acceptance of everything around us and finally start to accept the reality of the situation we live in.

8. Courage, it can cause a stir in our Life and can change everything for us.

9. Independence, it can help us in making the any dream, come true.

10 The Last Gem!, You have to read the book to find out about it ;)

The book doesn't finish here, later there is the chapter on the list of inspiring people, that changed their lives and of others around them, all around the world. 

And ending it with a Conclusion

My Take: 

I too am 25 years old and after reading this book I can say truly that this is what exactly I want others of my age to know. This book has inspired me and will give any readers hope that they are not alone if they are struggling to find their way in this world. 

I like the narrative of the Author R. And the experiences that he speaks about and the ways the sees world is great and inspiring. 

The best part of the book is the list of inspiring people, each story is different from others and each is unique on their own. The author has given us great examples of Courage, Humility, Experience, Expression, Independence, Awareness, Spontaneity, Sensibility, and of Choice that we always have. And it all ends with a beautifully expressed Conclusion

Overall I would personally recommend everyone not only my generation but also others, Folks to read this and understand. So click on the link and read What really a 25-year-old wants: https://amzn.to/38pSUwG


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