Mrs. Basu's Uncensored Familism By Chirasree Bose

The Blurb & The Story: 

Mrs. Arpita Basu, the only daughter-in-law of Basu family, is here to tell you a story that will leave your stomach hurting with chuckles and laughter. A Chudail to her prim mother-in-law, inexistent to the devil father-in-law, a damped down bomb to her once best friend Naveena and well, nothing whatsoever to her own husband Akash, the 23-year-old finds herself questioning the very concept of familism as her six months of tumultuous married life is hit with unanswerable questions sprouting every now and then in her head.

Speaking of head, what do you think is its importance in Mrs. Basu's life? Oh boy, you're in for a surprise! Because the quirks of their tongue-in-cheek relationship is bound to make you split your sides. 

However, in a split second Mrs. Basu's life goes kaput as her dark past comes knocking at the door. While she struggles to keep it at bay, her husband leaves her side with no promise of coming back ever. 

Is it mere coincidence that her past holds a connection to the disappearance of her husband? 

Or, is it what Mrs. Basu deserves for all she did in the past? 

This chapter of her life will unravel the mysteries of the present, all the knots of the past and the road to the future. Of course, in the most hilarious way possible.

My Take: 

A book filled with dramatic mother-in-law along with humor and laughter. I loved every part of the book. From Indian saas-bahu serials that mother in law watched to the gossips of the maids from one room to another and their rebels. From a husband's lack of attention in a new arranged marriage to the growth of new love along with a shocking twist, everything is penned perfectly along with the difference between family and Familism. I also like the part where the author Chirasree Bose explains one should change own's vision before changing others and breaking the cycle of men being superior to women. As I read this book and I'm sure if anyone else starts to read this, it may seem that this book is a comedy genre, but I found this book eye-opening and impressive. When Author Chirasree Bose said I want to get rid of the monster; i.e my head. I felt that. I like the storyline and there is something to learn in every chapter. The talk about Karma, the change and growth of the character from a shy girl to speaking up. I liked the realistic touch of the saas-bahu relation in Indian. 

Overall I loved this humor-filled book and not only did I enjoyed reading but also loved the characters. So click on the link now and read yourself Mrs. Basu's Uncensored Familism By Chirasree Bose:


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