War of Secrets by Kumar Nishant

The Blurb:

“Oh God. Man, I am a techie…!!, no soldier !!” – thoughts abruptly broke the boundaries of brain and rode on the boisterous vocal cord of Rajiv.

Rajiv is a geek, who is enthusiastic about computers and lives in an advanced world of robots, self-driven cars, and teleporting machines. He is fortunate to have a job in the government department, offering a perfect blend to his passion. He is happily married to Saumya and is an alien to his niece, Sneha; who simply cannot believe, that Rajiv has seen the era devoid of most of the advanced gadgets of her time. She loves to hear Rajiv’s stories and not believe them.

But the happy go lucky life of Rajiv, goes topsy-turvy when he is entangled in an abduction drama engulfing his team lead, Sriram, and a few other colleagues. He is astonished to know that the conspiracy was orchestrated by none other than the government itself on the pretext of security breach in an extremely confidential and ambitious weapon project.

Rajiv’s esoteric skills are at loggerheads with that of an equally competent, if not superior enemy. What seems to be the tracking of enemy, ultimately transpires into an absolute microcosm. As the layers unfold, the roots of the hostile guests are traced to the transnational boundary. Degree of threat not only increases, but becomes somewhat incalculable. It can only be conjectured.

How may secrets can Rajiv Withstand? Can Sehshan meet the deadline of 20 days? If not, then what?? Can they all put together, tenterhook the enemy? Can Rajiv bail them out? Will he turn out to be the weakest link in the company of soldiers? Will Rajiv return to hug Saumya? Will he be able to complete the stories Sneha yearns for?

Yes or no, whatever be the answer to all the above questions, the only constant remains is that each and every stakeholder will definitely end up with unforgettable memories.

"The Story: 

The story begins with Rajiv waking up by Alexa and then telling stories to his niece about the time with no gadgets as currently, they live a world of Robots. With Automated car drive, with walls installed with projectors and Artificial intelligent secretary to assist you in all manner. 

Rajiv a skilled computer professional who works at a high profile tech government firm. Rajiv is living in an automated world but he has seen the era when there were no such technologies and telling about it to his niece is his favorite part. 

Receiving a stress signal from office Rajiv rush to his office only to be kidnapped with his teams. As Rajiv was worrying about his wife Saumya and Family, he comes to know the kidnapping was fake done by the government only to capture the real culprit that tried to hack in an extremely confidential and ambitious weapon project. So a secret mission was kept in front of Rajiv.

A secret mission for 20 days, where he risks his life in order to help catch the enemy and protect our country. So will Rajiv achieve his goal of catching the bad guys? In the age of Robots, how will Rajiv catch them? Are the skills of Rajiv enough to help the government? What happens after 20 days are over?" 

My Take: 

The story War of Secrets is great and pleasant to read the story. I like the plot, twist and turns in the story. The characters were well defined and were perfectly fitted with the story. As the storyline is in the future with the world living in Tech, I loved how Author Kumar Nishant has described the ear without tech too. The most favorite part of the story was, that I liked, was when Rajiv told that stories to his niece. 

The 20-day secret mission was well defined and the suspense was built perfectly. All the computer terms and networks were defined in details giving an allusion that the author itself is a hacker ;) 

Overall I loved the book and once you start reading it, you will find your self hooked into it until you finish the book. Its a perfect fiction story that will take only a day to read. So click on the link to read and unrevealed the secret of war by yourself: https://amzn.to/2vrk0Vw


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