Ink on Paper: Stories to set the aura and poems to tell the story By Vishikha

The Blurb:

Ink on paper is the finest from the pen of a 13-year-old girl. The book is a perfect read for any time. It is a blend of emotions set in rhyme. There is something for everyone. Each chapter begins with a short story, setting the entire aura, and then, presents the poem.

Question peoples presence with "Where were you then."

Mourn with solder's poor choice in life with "Regret in wars."

Deal with heartbreaks and realize she moved on with "Happier."

Each poem is a journey through the best and the worst of Vishikha. Won't you join her for one?

"Played by the fools of sham,

To find true people, there were none.

I did say everyone is wearing a mask,

But I never said they were wearing only one."

The Story:

Have you ever read a poem and wondered what might the story be behind it? Well, this book Ink on Paper by the Author and poetess Vishikha is the perfect answer to this question. This book contains 82 Poems along with beautifully expressed short stories before each poem. The book starts with the poem Photograph, which will not only touch your heart but also your soul.

My Take:

The Thing you need to know is the Author Vishikha is a talented 13-year-old, but when you read the book you will find yourself doubting about the age of the Author. I loved each and each and every poem. The beautifully expressed feelings, the amazing short stories, the highlighted emotions, the magic in every chapter. Some of my favorite poems that touched my heart are Tears, Krishna, If I were a bird and many more which I'm sure all the readers will find too.

Overall a very delightful read, it's a perfect book to gift the young ones, nieces or nephews to inspire them. So click on the link and read now the beautifully written book by Vishikha Ink on Paper


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