Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Yours Legally By Soniya Sahijwani.

The Blurb: 

A young girl Sia has recently finished her graduation in Law against her parent’s wishes. With absolutely no family background in the legal profession, she sets out to explore the various opportunities this not so common but the upcoming field of law brings her way. Written in the form of short stories and inspired by some true events, the author, through the protagonist Sia, narrates to us few such unusual and memorable incidents including some eccentric courtroom dramas, all of which left a deep impact in her life. This debut book one is an honest attempt to talk about the law with a dash of satire, with an aim to reach out to all those who may or may have never heard anything about the legal profession nor would have ever stepped inside a court. And for those who are a part of it already, they might relate to it in some way. Just read along and enjoy the short but bumpy ride…..

"An impressive, coming of age slice of the life journey of a young lawyer, the book is an interesting read for youngsters in the profession and for all those curious about the profession." --Mr. Tuhin A. Sinha, Author

My Take: 

Yours Legally is the debut novel written by the author Sonia Sahijwani and it's just an amazing to read. 

I liked the way the author Sonia Sahijwani being an LL.B. graduate has used her degree and knowledge in this book perfectly. The author is a talented writer, she can make anyone feel connected to her book with her writing skills. 

The highlight of the book is the narration of the stories, which grasp the attention completely. The characters are well described and portrayed smoothly. As the book is short it can be done reading in one seating. I loved reading unique and interesting stories that are written in law language but are easy to understand.  
Overall an impressive read that will amaze you. So click here to read now some of the unique and interesting stories in the book Yours Legally By Sonia Sahijwani. 

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