Thursday, July 23, 2020

Love in the Time of Corona by CJ Loomis.

The Blurb: 

In Love in the Time of Corona CJ Loomis tells an epic love story during the Coronavirus pandemic. He chronicles the story of Sloane Knox and Hayden Foster and their cosmic connection. Through pure coincidence they spend a single night together in Minneapolis, MN before their worlds are upended. He perfectly sets the stage for the most incredible and timely love story ever told. Through a twist of monumental proportions, this boundary-defying romantic adventure challenges at every turn. What will happen to the world? Will these two star-crossed lovers survive seemingly insurmountable odds?

Critics are raving about this first novel author and his ability to pull you in from the very first chapter! Get ready to laugh and cry, this saga is truly one of a kind. If you're a hopeless romantic that believes in the phenomena of love, at first sight, Love in the Time of Corona is for you!

My Take: 

Love in the Time of Corona is the debut novel written by the author CJ Loomis and is a must-read book as it is not only an epic but also a significant read. 

The story starts like any other normal day, but as the story moves ahead it will not only make you gasp but will also amaze you. 

The author CJ Loomis has written this book in the lucid language yet a very imaginative way. While reading you will find that the author has penned this book creatively and effectively, as it is easy to feel connected to the book. 

The highlight of the book is the storyline that is filled with love, friendship, drama, emotions, complications, epidemic, and lots of twists and turns. The book is very expressive while reading I found myself so emotionally invested int the book that I completely lost the track of time. A completely most distinguished love story of our time.  I can't wait to read more work written by the author CJ Loomis.

Overall a truly intriguing, expressive, and definitely a must-read book. So click here and read now the book Love in the Time of Corona, the debut novel written by the author CJ Loomis. 

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