Friday, July 17, 2020

Prince No More: Companion to The Land of The Four Series by Samantha Evans.

The Blurb: 

Dain is a prince and did not know about what the responsibilities are when it comes to being a king. Having been in love with someone that does not want him. It leads to him being distracted that much happens in the process. Dain faces many obstacles until he figures out what his destiny is in the end.

My Take: 

Author Samantha Evans is back with another book that is a prequel to The Four Series and its just amazing and full of exciting new adventure. 

Starting from the start I liked the narration of the book, which raises curiosity from the very first chapter. The characters are well defined and written with attention. 

The highlight of the book is, as it's an adventurous story, the author Samantha Evans has maintained the storyline with the flow which is written smoothly and effortlessly. This is the third book I m reading of the author Samantha Evans and every time I finished reading the book, I found myself curious and eager to read the next book. The author has also narrated the story with a keen and curious character which makes it easy to connect to them and feel what she has expressed. 

The book is written with passion and descriptive writing skills that made the story imaginative and easy to connect. Also, the story is full of creativity which you will enjoy and find interesting to read. If you enjoy drama, adventure, mythological creatures, relationships, kingdom politics, secrets, and mystery then this is the perfect series for you.  Also, the twists and turn in this book will definitely make you gasp and will grasp your attention to read The Land of The Four Series.

Overall, awaiting for 3rh book in the series. So click here and read now the magical, political and phenomenal book, Prince No More: Companion to The Land of The Four Series written by Samantha Evans.

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