Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Sri Lankan Surfing Serendipity by Sumant Barooah.

The Blurb & The Story: 

Monica and Satnam from Melbourne, Australia plan and set out on a tropical holiday to Arthur C. Clarke's emerald island with azure waters, Sri Lanka. The pre-nuptial trip in the bracing weather re-writes their Holiday. 

They drift into their individual fancies until Monica get accosted by the local Mafia. In the hour of need, support materialized from unexpected sources to assist the foreigners in distress. In the process of extrication, they see both the turbulent and the pleasant side of the people of the island nation. It is a must-read story elaborately written to describe the nuances and the intricacies of living in the East.

My Take: 

Author Sumant Barooah is back with his next book Sri Lankan Surfing Serendipity which simply fascinating to read. 

This is the third book that I m reading of the author Sumant Barooah and his book doesn't cease to amaze me. It's always a treat to read his book, as even though all the 3 books were written differently and yet you can feel the passion. 

Author Sumant Barooah is a talented & skilled writer and you can see and feel his passion for writing through his books which are highly descriptive and expressive. 

The book Sri Lankan Surfing Serendipity is written in a lucid language and expressive way which made it imaginative. This is one of those stories that you can easily see as a movie. 

The story is filled with an exhilarating adventure, from travel to exploring, from foreigner to local, from mafia to gangster, from suspense to mystery, an exciting story that will take you on a unique and intriguing journey. 

Overall a must-read book with an epic story. Click here and read now Sri Lankan Surfing Serendipity by Sumant Barooah.

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