Thursday, July 9, 2020

A Savage Set My Soul on Fire 2 by Nola Jewels.

The Blurb & The Story:

Who knew Lacye would be the one to tame the flames in Fire? They were falling hard for each other and getting ready to ride off in the sunset. The ride was stopped short when Lacye comes up missing. Who would dare kidnap her? Her kidnapping will have the all the Hampton brothers going to war with everyone including each other. Fire will stop at nothing to find her. He will set the whole city of Atlanta on fire in the process.

Jaivon and Visha were made for each other but secrets kill. And Von has been keeping a secret. He thought he was running everything until he finds out the game Meka is playing is one more deadly and dangerous than he could ever dream. She’s about to put a stop to his happy ever after. Her game could end the relationship between him and his brothers for good.

In a perfect world, Lacye would have her wonderful ending. But the world is not perfect, and neither is everything she’s been through. She’s broken by all the heartache and pain. She wants to be free of the nightmares controlling her life. When her life starts to spiral out of control will Fire be there to save her? Or will she be lost in the mist of all the flames?

Will the Hampton brothers unite to finally end the war, or will they lose everything and each other? Is love in the flames for these brothers or will their happiness be blown away in the ashes?7 Come and get your soul set on fire one last time. . .

My Take: 

A Savage Set My Soul on Fire 2 is the second book in the series written by Nola Jewels and it’s just an amazing as the first book. 

The story continues were the last book ended and I must say after reading I am just amazed at the author Nola Jewels's way of telling the story and expressing emotions in it. 

The Author Nola Jewels is a talented writer that will not only touch your soul with her way of expressing emotions but at the same time will also take you to a whole new world of Lucy, and you will start seeing the scenes as you read them. Truly author has written the book in lucid language but and imaginative. 

Author Nola Jewels have looked and written even the smallest details in the story. The storyline, moments, characters are penned descriptively, also the characters are well portrayed. The sassy dialogues and epic storyline is something you shouldn't miss.

The second book has more defined characters and the growth of their personality is commendable. I liked the storyline and the series is very addictive which will grasp your attention from the very start. 

Overall most recommended series. If you like to read and looking for something unique and intriguing story then click here and read now A Savage Set My Soul on Fire 2 by Nola Jewels.

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