Thursday, July 23, 2020

Prince of Aryavrat: A Dawn in the Darkness by Ashis Chirgun.

The Blurb:

Finally, the Prince of Aryavrat and Princess of Dravidanchal have had to born with their maximum human attributes to protect humanity. Where there is ambiguity, there is always luminosity. This book takes you on a tour of a million years ago in the utopian period where lives on earth were just sprouting. Selfishness, Jealousy, Lust and Ego, like ethos, were yet to develop in the minds of humans, but the constant fight between Gods and Demons was a matter of great concern for Almighty Supreme Creator. 

The consequences resulted in the suffering of innocent humans. From that remarkable event, humanity’s horrific aftermath began. The Ancient, Culturally rich, Land of Great Warriors, Full of Repositories and Mysteries, ‘Aryavrat,’ once had become dystopian in the stain of bloodshed. 

The Almighty Supreme Creator had become so concerned with the delicate future of Humans that without God’s interference, humans could not have stood between the frightening God and Demon wars. The Prince of Aryavrat is a learning experience for readers as it beautifully answers their most intriguing questions.


"Generosity in every heart is inevitable to sustain and nurture Mother Earth; otherwise, mankind will perish – Almighty Lord Rudra."

My Take: 

The Author Ashis Chirgun is back with his 3rd novel Prince of Aryavrat: A Dawn in the Darkness, which will take on on a new adventure and among gods. 

I loved the way the book starts with a delightful thank yous' and intriguing prologue. Also, before starting with the chapters there is a list of characters and their role, which I found very unique and helpful. 

The book starts with a captivating storyline that is very creatively written. The lucid language makes the book easy to imagine and natural to feel connected. 

The highlight of the book is the descriptive writing of the character and their personalities, which was perfectly balanced with the story. The book is filled with adventure and dreamy characters that take the book into the next level of entertainment. 

I also liked how the author has expressed the emotions in the book from flirt to jealousy, from love to envy, from friendship to bond, from adventure to mysterious realms, from kings to warriors, from curses to fate, from lust and ego

from God to demons, from human to Almighty, the book turns into an epic battle story that will excite you and take you to a never forgetting story with God and Goddess. 

Overall a unique and intriguing story that will grasp your attention from the very first chapter. So click here and read now Prince of Aryavrat: A Dawn in the Darkness by Ashis Chirgun.

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