Thursday, July 23, 2020

The fortunate love by Bijaya Kumar Nayak.

The Blurb: 

We do mistakes and face obstacles. We do feel betrayed and accept hatred. Still, we trust on love. The jiffies we spent during college never fades till we die. The survival of a relationship depends upon the time, situation, and society we live in. We need a love care unit (LCU) to maintain the relationship. Bhaswan reached heights of career. But, his life is a piecemeal. Adyasha has a family. But, her life is in despair. Bhaswan yens to get his love back. But, Adyasha wants a diverse life. Will their relationship grow against all odds? Will it change a new milieu? Will they start a new life? Read ‘’The Fortunate Love’’ to find out.

My Take: 

The fortunate love is the debut novel written by Bijaya Kumar Nayak and he has written this story beautifully. 

Starting with I loved reading this book as the author Bijaya Kumar Nayak has written it with care and emotions that will not only raise them in you but will also make you feel them as you will read this. 

The highlight of the book the uniqueness of storyline and written expression that is impressive. The story is engaging and filled with exciting emotions, from love to sadness, from joy to agony, from heartbreak to care, from excitement to unethical reasonings, from misunderstanding to bliss the story is filled with such emotions that are written impressively and with passion. 

I liked that the book is written in simple English and easy to relate characters there were defined in detail. The cover of the book is very beautiful. 

Overall an impressive and unique story. A definitely recommended book. Click here and read now The fortunate love by Bijaya Kumar Nayak.

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