Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Journey of a Girl in Love by Anagha.

The Blurb: 

Ana, an ambitious girl, matured yet childish who falls in love in her school days. It is her journey of proving her love, chasing dreams, making a successful career, and taking all her responsibilities.

Heeyan, a good-looking decent person, who is focused in his career, waits for love of his life and wins it.
It is a story of how fate separates people and at the same time how destiny brings them together but what would be their reaction when things have not gone as the way they thought.

A heart-touching journey from innocence to maturity.

The Story: 

The story is about a girl named Ana, who falls in love during her school days. Young and innocent Ana didn't know the meaning of love, but when she did it was something she never forgot. Heeyan, a good-looking nice person and 2 years senior to Ana, is career motivated and dealing with his own sufferings. 

The story continues with school crush to college separation, from college friendship to emotional outbursts, from love to loss, from misunderstanding to innocence, from career to family, from fate to destiny. The book is filled with twists and turns that will not only excite you but will also make you emotional. 

So will Ana find her true love at the end? What is love? Is friendship enough if you are in love?

My Take:  

The Journey of a Girl in Love is the debut novel written by the author Anagha and its the most epic story you will read truly relatable.

Author Anagha has written the storyline, keeping in mind the emotional aspect and the delicacy of the feelings. The book is written in lucid language with powerful expressions that made the book easy to relate and feel at the same time. 

The Author Anagha has portrayed the characters well and along with care also developed them as the timeline moved in the story, which is something incredible to read. The scenes and moments are described beautifully and soulfully. 

The highlight of the book is the ending which I loved. The 2nd last chapter where it is written from the point of view of boy character Heeyan, is the best thing, giving us the clear pitcher of what he was thinking for so long. And the last chapter is something I just can't press. It did make me cry.

Overall a truly emotional and beautiful story of a girl in love and her life journey. So if you want to know what first love feels like and at what extend a person in love can go then click here and read now The Journey of a Girl in Love by Anagha.

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