Thursday, July 23, 2020

THE DARK 21 DAYS by Kawalpreet kaur.

The Blurb:

About the Book -"Love in the times of CORONA VIRUS deals with A village boy Ajay and his search of love, how he fells in love with wrong girls and loose everything. He again finds love but this time in CORONA crisis. Book is dedicated to DOCTORS and NURSES staff, who are true warriors."

My Take:

The author Kawalpreet Kaur is back with her second novel The Dark 21 Days, which is a journey of Ajay's life before and after the corona pandemic. 

The story starts with Ajay a young village boy, who goes to the city to take computer classes, where he gets a teenage crush on Siya, which was later found that it was only one-sided, heartbroken and devastated Ajay gets close to Siya's friend and soon a new relationship starts. With Passion and romance, a true love story begins but only to leave Ajay heartbroken again. So will Ajay overcome this heartbreak as well? How did the Carona Virus outbreak change his life? Will he get his true love? Experience the dark 21 days of Ajay's life in this book. 

The author Kawalpreet Kaur has written this book in a very expressive way, as I was reading the story, slowly the emotions were building up and by the end, I truly felt connected to the book and it did make me cry. 

This is the second book I'm reading of the author Kawalpreet Kaur, and she is a young and talented author that truly knows how to express emotions through words. The storyline is creatively written in descriptive details. Also, it's a short story that you can finish reading in one seating. The cover of the book and the title is very thoughtful. I did wish the story could have been a bit longer.  

Overall a quick and emotional love story. If you enjoy reading love stories or want to know what changes happened in Ajay's life then click here and read now THE DARK 21 DAYS by Kawalpreet Kaur.

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