Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Baby on Board by Sonia Sahijwani Saini.

The Blurb: 

To start with, this is my story. For many years I tried to delay and escape from the inevitable. For months thereafter, I was persistently persuaded by my near and dear ones. Finally, in late 2017, (yes I planned the year and almost the month as well), I finally took the plunge and entered the phase of ‘Motherhood’, albeit, with a lot of anxiety and fears. This is the journey of someone who literally suffered from Tokophobia-(fear of childbirth) since she was young but ultimately & contrary to popular perception, it became the biggest and most wonderful challenge of her life.

My Take: 

Baby on Board is the second book written by the author Sonia Sahijwani Saini and it about an ordinary couple's extraordinary pregnancy journey that is expressed beautifully. 

The book starts with the time at the hospital at the time giving birth. Author Sonia Sahijwani Saini has shared her experience of giving birth and the feeling and emotions she faced during that time and she has done amazing work by expressing her emotions as while reading I could to feel those as I read along. 

This book is very knowledgeable and even though there are many tips and suggestions given by the author, the most interesting thing is she herself has gone through it. I find this book very helpful. Its an easy to read and if any of your loved ones of a friend is expecting baby than gift this book, its a perfect, helpful, and must-read book. 

Overall a helpful and interesting book. So click here and read now Baby on Board the 2nd book written by the author Sonia Sahijwani Saini.

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