Saturday, July 4, 2020

Faith and the Beloved by Kochery C Shibu.

The Blurb & The Story:

Naithy Cherokil is a rich and successful business-woman from Mumbai who marries the young and handsome model Tony D’Souza after the death of her husband. Little does she know that the ideal sex slave of her husband is the sleeper cell of a terror outfit. Events in her life take unforeseen turns as the male Mata Hari is activated.

Prem Rollands is a Kalari exponent and brilliant student whose world revolves around his brother Arun. Things go awry when the police kills Arun under mysterious circumstances. Prem kills the inspector in retribution and is on the run. He is on the lookout for Alice to find out the dark secrets leading to the killing of his brother. Prem must avenge those who have plotted to kill his brother, even at the cost of his own life.

Eighteen-year-old Alice Cherokil knows more about computers and mystery games than a girl of her age. Alice’s life falls apart when her mother is hospitalized and in a coma. Alice is playing the ultimate mystery game of her life as the web of secrets surrounding two precious diamonds and her stepfather threatens to destroy her family. Alice overcomes the moral dilemma to kill her stepfather and she is on the run. Alice must outwit the underworld and stay ahead of all to save her mother’s life or the guilt of her failure will haunt her forever.

As the lives of Naithy, Prem and Alice cross each other they must retain their faith and protect their beloved ones even at the cost of their own lives.

A saga of love, lust, betrayal, intrigue, and revenge.

My Take: 

Faith and the Beloved is the second book I am reading of the author Kochery C Shibu and just like the first one this book is a captivating read.

The author Kochery C Shibu has well described the characters. Every character is artistically portrayed and has a unique quality that will astonish you. 

The story starts with Alice who has just murdered two people for revenge, also blew the house with fire, and is on run. Author Kochery C Shibu has written the beginning of the book with crafty & full of action, that will hold the attention of any reader immediately. 

The story continues with the introduction of Arjun and Prem, who they are? About their family history. The chapter will not only take you the time of the 1930s but also will make you imagine the after-effects of the war. 

The whole book is written in a very imaginative way that will fascinate you. 

The highlight of the book is for sure the intriguing story that grasped my attention from the very start. The book is filled with family, relationship, friendship, hope, love, drama, action, suspense, history which will awake the curiosity in you to keep reading. 

I also like the way the author has created the back-stories of the characters with full of creativity, research, and imaginative, everything seemed so interesting. Also, the curse part was way too catchy. The title of the book suits the story perfectly. The book is written in lucid language and can make a great film. 

Overall a fascinating story if you enjoy reading then you should definitely read this book as it will be a great story to add to your collection. Click here and read now Faith and the Beloved by Kochery C Shibu.

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