Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Start of Something BIG by Malerie Scammey.

The Blurb:

Four Friends on a Journey. A Mysterious World is Found. A Struggle to Find Answers. Have you ever wished that you had an exciting and fun-filled spring break? Well, Emma Lotal and her three best friends since childhood, Zoey, John, and Jonas just want to have a relaxing time on their break from school. What they really don't expect is for a relative, who is weird to start with, shrink them into this world with wolves that can fly and a mystery that has stumped everyone for years. They automatically know that this is going to be a time to remember. But when you're in a universe other than the one you grew up in it can be overwhelming. 

When Emma and her friends don't seem as scared as they should be and act naturally as they embark on a journey to find the lost warriors overseers get suspicious. They realize that Emma and her friends were the ones that Marla was telling the council about and they can't let the group know why they were brought here and why their life is a lie. Their experience gets even more weird when voices start talking to them and they decide to trust that voice in their head. The worst part is when they think that they are going home and they begin to wonder if there's any way. 

So the question is, what if your family was from a mythological land that was talked about in books in the normal world that people thought was to be made up but you were linked to the book in some way?

My Take:

The Start of Something BIG is the debut novel by a young and inspirational author Malerie Scammey and this book is magical and adventurous. 

The author Malerie Scammey is a young and talented writer she got her inspiration for becoming an author in grade 3. She has written many short stories and The Start of Something BIG is her debut novel which is impressive. 

The story starts with a gripping prologue and as the 1st chapter starts it just amazed me how catchy and adventurous the storyline is. 

The highlight of the book is the storyline, which is written in a unique and impressive way. I'm beyond amazed and impressed by the way the author Malerie Scammey has developed this storyline in a smooth flow and with care. All the characters are likable and easy to relate to. Even though the author is a young writer and in her early teens, she has shown that she is an expert and loves writing by showing her expert writing skills. 

I liked how the story is perfectly balanced from adventure to mystery, from mythological creatures to curious characters, from suspense to drama, from realistic dialogues to amazing craftsmanship. 

Overall a truly inspiring and must-read book. So click here to read now or to gift this to your young ones to inspire them or to just entertain them with the book The Start of Something BIG by Malerie Scammey.

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