The Conduit: Healing by Denise Major-Dodge.

The Blurb:

Diwata feels like she'll never find her place in the world - until she meets her indigenous Igorot ancestor in a dream. The spirit world guides her down a path towards purpose and meaning. With the help of her best friend Lila and a New Age store owner, Beth, she learns how to channel her spirit guide and heal people of various illnesses. Her lessons end up coming in very handy when her husband becomes possessed by a powerful demon determined to own his soul. Diwata and Lila's destiny leads them into a wilderness that will test their ability to survive.

My Take: 

What will you do if you get a dream stating that you are meant to heal people, you have the power within to help others, What will you do? What if healing others is something that will come handy because your loved ones end up needing it the most.

The story is about Diwata and how she learns about her healing powers, her ancestors a magical adventure. This is a unique book with an impressive and intriguing storyline. 

The highlight of the book is the phase of the storyline which has a smooth flow. The creativity and imagination both the elements are highly presented in this book. I also liked the change in characters as the story moved ahead, from clueless to knowing the inevitable truth. The expression of different emotions and unique concepts is the highlight of the book.

I liked reading this short adventurous story with an intriguing storyline, fascinating characters, impressive writing skills which makes it an amazing read. 

Overall an amazing and gripping story. So if you want to know how did Diwata found her healing powers and how the story ends then click here and read now The Conduit: Healing written by Denise Major-Dodge.


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