Never give up on me by Cynthia Lemos.

The Blurb: 

Are you a courageous immigrant that had to leave your comfort zone to change your life?

Or are you a person living in a ‘forbidden love’ story due to external factors like religion, class, or ethnicity?

Then, you will relate to this diary.

Tough decisions usually lead us to the unknown, and life becomes harder and harder. Falling in love should make it better, but humankind insists on recognizing differences that separate us, rather than the things that unify us. Immigrants often struggle with the word ‘NO,’ but it is all part of the growing and improves resilience. This book invites us to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and share our agonies. It tempts us to answer the philosophical questions in it and reflect on our current situation.

Cynthia shares how she overcame the hindrances during the first six years of her immigrant life, and her story encourages us to always choose love in everything we do. She reminds us that sometimes we need to lose things or people to become the best version of ourselves and that we must trust the process, believing that all the struggle is worth it.

This is not a self-growth book, but rather a memoir from someone trying to figure out life, just like all of us. ‘Never give up on me’ were the words that Cynthia kept trapped on until she realized that the person that she should never give up was herself. And we too can learn to love ourselves more.

Can you imagine that love?

My Take: 

The book is about, no matter what life throws at you or how tough the situation be or no matter how difficult it becomes to handle things you should never give up. A book that will surely motivate you and inspire you. 

Never give up on me is the debut novel written by the author Cynthia Lemos and its an inspirational, sensual, and heart touching story. 

This story is part of author Cynthia Lemos's life and she has expressed everything impressively. The chapters are written like Diary Entries and it's quite intriguing to read it. 

The highlight of the book is the way the author Cynthia Lemos has written this story, that is filled with full of emotions, which I could feel and relate to them. Also, I liked the simplicity of the language used, it instantly transported me into the new world created by the author.

The book is filled with love, friendship, life-changing experiences, inspirations, motivation, ambition, struggle, and many more things that will excite you and amaze you at the same time. 

Overall my favorite book and a delightful read. I will most definitely recommend others to read this book. So click here and read now Never give up on me: Would you keep that promise even when you have all the reasons to give up? the debut novel written by the author Cynthia Lemos.


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