Sonder: Daily Epiphany by Abhinav Motiwal.

The Blurb: 

The word 'Sonder' has its origins in neologism and was coined in 2012 by John Koenig. What does it mean? It is inspired by German "sonder"- special and French "sonder"-to probe. It has a very special meaning of the profound realization that everyone, including strangers passed in the street, has a life as complex as one's own. They are constantly living in it despite their lack of awareness of it. By extension, a collective existence with individual levels of awareness and general ignorance.

That brings us to the primary motif of the poems, a fly on the wall commentary on daily life and observations. At times satirical, albeit dwelling on the world around us. The works use color, emotions, or behavior to reflect the tendencies and idiosyncrasies of people whom we see in our daily lives.

The poems explore contrarian ideas or the flipside of reasoning or simply try making the mundane less so, weaving words in the process. While some poems tell a story, others are much removed and rely on the underlying tone to let the reader fire his imagination. In doing so, it creates a shared experience of putting connotation into the words but letting the reader discover their personal meanings within each poem- a mutual ‘sonder’ creation.

My Take: 

Sonder: Daily Epiphany is the new book written by Poet/ Author Abhinav Motiwal, which is a collection of poetry that will connect with you at a personal level. 

This book contains a collection of 26 poems. Each poem is preceded with an image, followed by a creatively written short note that is as engaging as the poems even as it goes on to express the motif of the poems. The highlight of the the poems are the multitude of emotions and their sheer catharsis that I just can't get enough of. 

Sonder has a unique collection of short poems that is well written and very expressive. After I finished reading, I asked my family member (who loves poetry) to read this and let me know what he felt. Once he was done reading, he was amazed and explained what he felt after reading, which intrigued me since his experience was different than mine. This made me realise that, everyone will feel something new and will have their own version of emotions- emulating the ‘Sonder’ theme of the book. 

The highlight of this book is that each poem is different and has a depth that you can relate with. These are some of the poems from the collection, that just stunned me and made me re-read them with wonder:
3. Homecoming
4. Small things 
5. Quake awake 

It's like how raindrop meets together at the end. Or how knowledge is akin to the light seen from the bottom of a well.

Overall an amazing collection of must-read poetry. Highly recommended by me and I m sure you will have a great time reading it just as I did. So click here and read now Sonder: Daily Epiphany new book written by Abhinav Motiwal.


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