An Unquenchable Excess of Love by Anjutha Ranganathan

About Book: 

"Even when you hate them,
You can’t deny the fact that
The hate in itself comes from
An Unquenchable Excess of Love.”

Love, a four-letter word that rules the world, is the ultimate source of immense pleasure as well as the deepest pain. It creates magic as well as havoc. This collection of poems looks at love from every angle, to paint an honest and beautiful image of what it means to fall in love.

Let’s take life as it is. We are all humans and love is inevitable to us. ‘The Falling’, ‘The Breaking’ and ‘The Healing’ is what’s supposed to happen to us. Otherwise, if lucky, we only fall in love and a forever.

An Unquenchable Excess of Love is for someone who has loved so passionately and has faced tremendous destruction by it and ultimately grown, become wise, and shone out of it.

My Take: 

An Unquenchable Excess of Love is a debut book written by poetess Anjutha Ranganathan, this book has a beautiful collection of more than a hundred poems which are divided into three parts The Falling, The Breaking, The healing, and these poems will not only charm you but you will find yourself lost in its words. 

Fallen - a forever bond, untamed by time. 

Breaking - tired, I lay there empty-minded, but an amalgamation of thought interlinked, callous, grief, insomnia. 

Healing - The casual talk, peace of mind, thoughtfulness, those little smile, and basically you miss it all.. 

These are some lines of the poems from each part, that stands as a proof that the author/poetess  Anjutha Ranganathan is a talented writer and that these lines are just an example of what lies in this book. 

I truly love reading these poems and a book like this is what keeps my passion for poetry alive.

Overall an amazingly powerful and emotional collection of poetry. Click here and raining now to feel the passion of poetess Anjutha Ranganathan in her book An Unquenchable Excess of Love.


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