Still Waters: Peter’s Story by Amanda Lewis.

The Blurb: 

They say still waters run deep...

...and there's certainly more to tall, blonde, and dangerously handsome Peter Levander than meets the eye.

After a series of personal setbacks, Peter finds himself going through a midlife crisis. For the entire 45 years of his existence, he's meticulously planned everything, only to watch it all fall apart right in front of him.
He's heartbroken, self-destructive, and on the verge of losing his job.

Nothing a few weeks of therapy and a feisty chef can't fix, right?

A follow-up novella to The Weight of Birds, Still Waters is the emotional continuation of the story readers everywhere fell in love with!

My Take: 

Still Waters is the second book in The Levander Brothers series and its an emotional and well-expressed book. 

The story starts with 2 years later is were The Weight of Birds book ended and the way the author has continued the story, reading it just warmed my heart. 

There are many aspects in this book that I liked Reading, self-awareness, responsibilities, supporting characters helping others, the small things like expressing the feelings of characters, like confusion, pain, depression, love, happiness, I liked reading this short story. 

The author Amanda Lewis is a talented writer and her writing and expressing even the ordinary things interestingly,  it’s just a praising. 

I love reading her books and I am sure if you read her first book you will definitely end up reading the second book as well.

Overall a series that everyone should read. So click here and read now Still Waters: Peter’s Story: A Sequel to The Weight of Birds written by Amanda Lewis. 


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