Kaizen: A fateful redo by Shweta Desai.

The Blurb:

Dr. Leah Bellmore leads a picture-perfect life. She’s happily married to a software mogul, their toddler daughter is amazingly cute. She is dedicated to her research and rumoured to be in the running for the Noble. Could she be destined to murder someone?

Harry is a loyalist, committed to his work and has an impeccable record, and has never failed any mission. However, he travels time, to step into Leah’s life and stop her from committing murder and save ultimate devastation.

Join Leah and Harry as they battle fate to save humanity.

My Take: 

A story of time travel, a story of adventure, a story never heard before, Kaizen: A fateful redo written by Shweta Desai has a story that is an epic with promethean writing. 

The storyline starts with a gripping prologue that will raise the bar of your interest high. Later the story continues into an original concept. 

The author Shweta Desai has impressively developed characters and each one of them is perfectly balanced. The book is forsure creatively written and the writing style of the author makes it imaginative and adventurous. 

The lucid language, the descriptive scenarios, the personalities full of imaginations and emotions of unique characters, the fascinating time travel, the impressive storyline, this book has it all to be the best seller. 

I enjoyed reading this book and the small surprise elements and suspense kept me hooked to the book till the end. A short read but truly unforgettable. 

Overall an original and amazing story. So click here and read now Kaizen: A fateful redo written by Shweta Desai.


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