Ursula Van Rensin’s Haunting Colorado Springs By Luke M. Bartojay

Haunting Colorado Springs by Luke M. Bartojay

The Blurb:

5 Tales of Terror: “Ursula Van Rensin’s Haunting Colorado Springs"
Most of the stories are around 20 pages each. The tales include “Dawn Mourning and the Burnt One” a tale of love beyond the grave and; " Otto and the Storm Riders” Oct. 29th is a date never forgotten by a cursed and tormented bartender.

The Story: 

The Book Ursula Van Rensin’s Haunting Colorado Springs, contains 5 horror tales;

1-Dawn Mourning and the Burnt One

2-Otto and the Storm Riders 

3-Last Band Standing 

4-In the Old Crone’s Garden 

5-The Crying Baby Killer

Story 1: It's a tragic love story of Dawn Mourning: a girl bullied in high school and Joey Mansfield; a dropout working as a mechanic. 

Story 2: A Bar, The Squirming Toad that is not only opened for living but also for dead, from last 7 years on same day before Halloween; 29th Oct. Steve Harran the tormented owner/ bartender who has his own secret. 

Story 3: It takes more than just new song to keep the new band ‘Porno Junkies’standing and surviving in this competitive world. Skip is not only pressurized to write new songs but also to keep everyone together.

Story 4: Who doesn't like and want to miss hike trip with friends? just like us the teenage group of 5 with 
Janet, Magenta, Trent, Jason & Nathan went for one of such hike in search for an abandon house and ends up not only with house but also something else. 

Story 5: How a reckless mistake can hurt so many other people, its a  sad yet horror story of the woman and her infant child. 

My Take:

Every story is unique and not related to one another which I hoped they would at the end. If you are wondering it this book will be a great horror which will give you nightmares than you can rest assure. It's horror and mystery stories. The more you read the stories the more interesting it gets and every time the story ends you will have only 1 question in your mind, what happened next? I wish the Author writes next book by continuing the same tales, would love to read those too. Any way the author has described emotions scenes such as sadness, loss, jealousy, trauma, horror, shock, twist and many more is simply great. Luke M. has done a inspiring work in this book and you can see it as you read the book. 

Overall like the book and hope that the Author continues the same tales in his next book. Click on the like below to read the interesting tales of terror: 




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