The Secrets of Illuminates : And the Realization By Jerin Antony Pallithara

The Blurb: 

A conjuncture happens for Lucas in St. Peters. The boy who is the last illuminate and the carrier of secrets shall be exposed. Thirteen years ago, a chase was started with a kiss of death on a great personality. The realization is going to be revealed by the sign on contestment. Hell breaks loose when the dark angel arrives for Lucas. But the time hasn’t come to surrender. There begins the end of a decade and the beginning of a new era under Lucas for the sacred secrets in St. Peter’s castle. 

The Story: 

Archilles the great worrier the bringer of light is dead. But the secret is hidden; the secret of illuminates. 13 years later Lucas and Rowell are at St. Peters. Lucas is practicing for Flick and Pass tournament and Rowell who is nervous to go the class after ditching the class for a few days. Though Lucas is an orphan, he doesn’t know that he is the son of the great warrior Archilles, making him the last Illuminates. But the enemies have now discovered the whereabouts of Lucas and Mosacio is coming to kill him. During the tournament of Flick and Pass, everyone is nervous. Everyone is cheering for Lucas to win the lost match. And after the match, Mosacio has captured Lucas and Carolina. He is about to kill him but he is interrupted by St. Peters Army led by Christopher and Alfaro to save Lucas and Carolina and the war beings. So will they be able to save Lucas; the last illuminates? What is the secret that everyone is after? Why is Masacio wants to kill a 13-year-old?

My Take: 

To start with it's a bit confusing at first. The story-line is good, but the details are missing. The confusing part is whether the book contains magic or not? It not properly explained. It seemed it was rushed to an end. The characters are not properly introduced but till the end of the book, you will have pretty much idea about the importance of each character. The good thing about the book is the storyline, it’s something unique and not an ordinary mystery novel. It feels like the author is trying to create a whole new world. The story is short, but it's not the end, the second book will release soon with the title “The secrets of Illuminates and the history Volume 2”.

Overall, the story is unique and would recommend the reader to read it for a quick read break :) Click on the link and find out by yourself the secret of the last illuminate:


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