The Panopticon Experiment: The Siklus Series, Book 1 By Rachel Caldecott

The Blurb:


For interspecies telepaths like Flo, the world seems fair and just. Humans and animals live in harmony and the world government represents all sentient beings. When a terrorist attack nearly kills her closest friend, Lonce, the world’s last snow leopard, Flo realizes that life in New Era London is not as safe as she thought.
Generations after the apocalypse of the twenty-first century, a new society based on species-equality has emerged from the ashes of the old.
However, marginalised and resentful, those humans lacking the necessary telepathy gene form a secret society - The Human Supremacy League. Its mission: Restore man as the dominant species and break the genetic bonds between man and animal.
Flo must solve the mystery of the disappearances and stop the League. But she can’t do it alone.

The Story & My Take: 

The story, The Panopticon Experiment is about inter-species telepathy between Human and Animal. The Humans divided into 2 categories, Com and Non Com's. Having ability to telepath and those who could communicate with animals through mind are the Coms and the Non Coms were those who lacked this ability. A terrorist attack that would have killed Flo's friend, Lonce; a last snow leopard. Flo is convinced that the attack is related to the HSL. Flo is an orphan, in an accident she lost both her parents when she was only seven, and since then she was living with Seb and his parents and with legal guardian George. 

Out of blue, Flo starts having nightmares; dreams that were related to other animals being tortured. George and Seb thinks those are just dreams but Flo could sense their pain and she knew it's was something more. So what will Flo do? Will Flo and Seb will be able to stop the HSL? Who are HSL what do they really do?

The Panopticon Experiment is a story that shows friendship and the non breakable bond between humans and animal. The Author Rachel Caldecott has described, the feeling of care and affection between Flo and Lonce, a snow leopard is just beautiful. Anyone that has a pet can related and feel the bond easily just as I did. I liked the detailed description of the laboratory, the camp and the island Rosendale the most and that was done remarkably well. As I read, chapter by chapter the story line became more interesting and mysterious which is great way of writing a book. The tension built and the shock when the mystery was revealed, everything was great and at the end I was satisfied that I read this book. The most interesting part of the book that I liked/ loved was, the ending fight; the rescue if I may say. 

Overall I loved the book and if you are looking for something new and unique story click on the link below and experience the friendship between Flo and Lonce by reading The Panopticon Experiment:


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