Beyond Our Melancholy by Zeba Ali

The Blurb:

"Dream Catcher. It catches your bad dreams. But Fazal Bashir never wanted one. 
Tasted the fruits of success quite early for his age, the billionaire Fazal Bashir is intrigued by the veiled lady of his dreams, who always begs for his help to save her. As it is proved, people close to God are tested; likewise, a new problem is waiting for Fazal which will force him to look into his past.
Beyond Our Melancholy is a young adult spiritual romance novel, a story which puts you on thinking about life and its intricacies."

The Story: 

The story is about two lost souls who find their happiness in each other after struggling for seven years of personal misery. Zinia a young, scared girl, due a tragic and awful event that happened at a young age, left her broken and shattered who trusts no one. Because of the trauma it’s difficult for her to interact with others without a panic attack and hides herself in a veil which leads her to total isolation from the outside world. 

Fazal Bashir a Billionaire, a great believer of his Lord and Creator. He believes that everything lord does is for a reason. After forced Nika, Fazal goes abroad for further studies and later find that his parents' deaths which leads him to come back only to find that her wife and others were gone. Building his business and making himself a success. Only a veiled girl made him restless in his dreams, begging him to help her. It shocks Fazal when he sees the veiled lady of his dream in real after 7 years, those brown eyes belonged to his childhood friend and his wife Zinia. After seeing her sad and unhappy Fazal takes responsibility for her and her mother. But Zinia hates him, hates his gut that he just can’t come back after 7 years and expect everything to be ok. So what will happen, will Zinia forgive Fazal and live rest of her life with him? Will Fazal be able to help Zinia just like she begged him in his dreams? What’s the tragic event that made a cheerful and talkative girl a scared and vulnerable girl?

My Take: 

Beyond our melancholy, the title describes itself simple and elegant, a simple love story of two lost and distanced souls. Author Zeba Ali has described the relation remarkably, from hate to realization, from care to love. Every scene and every chapter that led to their love was simply perfect, and I admired the patience of Fazal that he had for his wife’s struggles and arrogance. The story itself shows us to have faith in our god, to have hope that one day everything will be ok, to have courage and stand for yourself, to love without condition, to live happily as we have only one life. I like every part and every chapter of the book. It has a bit of mystery as well, in the start it has only shown that Zinia is traumatized by an even from her past and has not recovered since then. But until you have not reached halfway through the book, you don’t know what happened to her; the suspense makes you read the book in a flow. The small moments described between a husband and wife are amazing, like reading from the Quran that made the book special. Also, Author describes how only you can overcome your fear and only you can help yourself if you decide to.

Overall loved the book and would recommend, if you want to get away from all the drama in your life, just read this book and witness the pure and simple love story of Fazal and Zinia with Beyond our Melancholy. Click on the link and read it yourself:


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