Tell Me Why By Ruth O’Neill

The Blurb: 

Lauren Adams is just an ordinary single girl, until one split-second decision throws her life into crisis.

When she meets the handsome and intriguing Max Davies during a girls’ weekend away, she can’t believe her luck. But it soon turns out to be her biggest mistake.
Max gets accused of murder, a murder that allegedly happened on the same night he and Lauren met.
Is Max really the man she thinks he is? Is he really innocent of murder? And why does Lauren hear him late at night, building something in the basement – a basement he’s made clear is out of
Tell me why follows a woman who just wants to be loved, but who instead ends up in a tangled web of lies, deceit, and terror.
A chilling read you won’t stop talking about.

The Story:

Lauren Adams, a thirty-two-year-old a primary school teacher; loving her work and living her normal single life. She didn’t expect much from life or had any expectations, usual calls from her mother; Nancy and from her brother Jacob was enough for her to be grateful. She was excited to spend a soul weekend with her 4 fiends; Chloe, Kate, Holly, & Lucy. A two-night stay in a six-berth caravan was all they were waiting for a girls' night out. Lauren never thought or imagined this trip will change her life from a normal to a nightmare. At the first night of the trip, Lauren finds Max in every unfortunate way. But she is taken back by him and is compelled to find more about him. 

Lauren the only witness and Max being the suspect of the murder, police is convinced that Max is the killer but Lauren is sure that he is innocent and does everything and beyond to help him out of the charges. 

The story revolves around Max’s time in prison and Lauren doing her best and again her ethics to help him as she is convinced that he is nothing to do with the murder. 

So is she right? Is max nothing but a normal guy that she saw and loved or a psychopath? 

My Take: 

I will not take long but will go ahead and say it, that by far this is my favorite book. Every time I read a book, I say and describe the story to my family and my friends about the plot and story line, and in this book “Tell me why” from the very start I told my friend that, “this is going to be my favorite book so far that I’m reviewing.” And now after I have finished reading it I must say, I’m not disappointed. 

The Story is interesting and mysterious at the same time. I have read few mystery novels, and I have seen in some of them that, some time to build suspense a confusion is created first, but in this book Author Ruth O’Neill has created suspense in such a way and without any confusion that I found myself astonished and speechless. The characters are described in the best way; I didn’t feel any overshadowing of character by the mains. Lauren is a strong and beautiful woman and this story is one of the examples which shows that we can overcome any problem or struggle in life by having hope and a will to live life. The most interesting part of the book is the backstory of Max. Was there signs from the start which showed that Max is a troubled man, or it was simply just a mistake?

Overall, I loved this book and would definitely recommend everyone to read this to find out the secret of Max. Click the link and find the answer of Tell me why? :


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