Dragons in the Clouds by David Blair

The Blurb:

"Dragons in the Clouds’’ is an epic adventure that takes place during a time period when Dragons were alive and freely roamed the land. The people during this time were getting eaten by a vicious species of Dragons. The ruling King finally orders the total annilation of all living dragons. A powerful wizard, named Merlinus, who is a friend to the king, does not agree with the Kings order, for Merlinus knows all Dragons are not what they seem. So he does what he must to protect a family of Dragons that he had befriended. And to protect his Dragon friends, Melinus performs the spell of weightlessness and tells the Dragons to fly up and to hide in the cover of the Clouds. He then gives the Dragons strict instruction to live within the clouds and to only come down at night to eat. An apprentice to the wizard who has grandeur of his own has a plan for Dragons that he has hidden deep within a mountain cavern. Now enters a young boy, who had also befriended a dragon, though a very young one, suddenly find themselves caught between the Kings order and a battle that has begun between two species of Dragons. A battle that would determine control of the skies above the Kingdom of Albian. This Apprentice’s plan has consequences that may bring the Kingdom and perhaps the very world we live in today to an devastating end.

The Story: 

The story starts with Mr. Evans returning home from a business trip. Greeted by her eight-year-old daughter, Mr. Evan gives a gift that he brought for her from an old antique shop; a dragon toy. He explains to her that there is a story behind it that the old man told him. So after dinner, Mr. Evans started telling the story about the dragon that the old shopkeeper told him. So the journey of the story began, once there were dragons that lived among us; with us. There were two types of dragons; plant-eaters and meat-eaters. Among the villagers lived a great wizard; Merlinius, who kept the village safe from meat-eater dragons. Then there was one incident happened that lead to the incident where all the dragons from his world extincted and early ending the life of humans too.

So it starts with the death of a royal Knight; Sir Johathan. Knights are the soldier that hunted dragons and kept the village safe. So at the funeral of knight Johathan, his widow Jayasha was angry at the king knight. She blamed him that it was his fault that her husband was dead. Being a king is not an easy task, so after losing the finest knight king commanded to kill all the dragons which led to extinct of all the dragons from the world. 
But the great wizard; Merlinius had his own plans and he hid a family of dragons. After the death of almost all dragons, the death in the village didn’t stop as the rival of the wizard had used the same spell to hide the other dragons who ate meats too. So how will the villagers survive this? And why would any humans save a meet eater dragons?

My Take: Having a passion for writing makes a normal person a writer and the writer that not only feels his story but also passes on the same feeling and makes the reader believe in what he believes is what makes a writer a hardworking Author. When you read a book, you can see and feel the hard work of the Author by seeing the details and by feeling the surroundings of the book by reading the details explained. In this book, I found the same vibe. The Auther David Blair has done a great job, I could see his hard work and his passion for writing, as I could feel all the moments as it was described beautifully and he has really done excellent work. As the Title reads, Dragons in the Clouds, and when I finally finished the book, at the end, it did make me believe that maybe dragons do exist in the cloud :) The main highlight in the book is the friendship between the baby dragon and the kid David. The friendship shows the deep affection and meaning between a human and animals. From the very start of the book till the very end it's a delight to read. I also like the character Jayasha mother of David the way the author has developed her character is astonished, from a grieving widow to a fearless mother, the persona of a fearless, independent and gifted with the skill of archery, the character made the book even more interesting. I also like the ending with a twist and magical. 

Overall loved the magical vibes of dragons and would recommend to read it to find the dragons and enjoy the ride to the clouds. Click on the link to read the book: www.dragonsintheclouds.com


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