Devi2Diva: An Emotional Self-Care Book For Women By Priya Florence Shah

The Blurb:

This emotional self-care book has a number of essential self-care ideas and self-care tips for women and moms to improve their emotional health.
Devi2Diva is one of the must-read self-help books for women in their 40s. If you love short self-help books for women, you’ll love these self-care ideas and tips for women to improve their mental health.
In this self-care book and course, you’ll get the motivation and inspiration to help you throw off the shackles of your own limiting beliefs, come into your power and design your destiny.
You’ll learn to stop measuring yourself by other people’s expectations and accept yourself fully and completely for who you are and choose to be.
You’ll learn to tune in to the unlimited potential you have – to create and contribute. You’ll learn to become fierce and fearless with a caring community of women who support you in becoming a powerful force for change.
You’ll learn which self-help books to read for happiness in relationships and get motivation and inspiration from great quotes from the best self-help books.
When you purchase Devi2Diva, you’ll also get free access to the online Devi2Diva course using the link inside the Book. Are you ready to transform yourself from Devi2Diva?
Read an endorsement from Vandana Saxena Poria, FCA, OBE, who also wrote the Foreword for the book.
"Women are waking up. And realising life does not have to be this way. That maybe, just maybe, the world has got it wrong. I cannot overstate how important it is going to be for ALL women EVERYWHERE, to read “From Devi to Diva” and reclaim their life. Priya Florence Shah has written something so valuable – there is a jewel in every page. Breathe. Enjoy this book and allow yourself to find the real you – the one that has been hidden under those layers of responsibility and duty. Bring out your inner Diva by diving into this book."

About Book:

Devi2Deva is a Non-Fiction self-awareness book. Which will help today’s women to overcome difficulties and live life freely. The book contains 24 Unique chapters with different topics and different examples.

  1. Seeta Aur Geeta (Yes a Movie reference)
  2. Stopping the Blame Game
  3. The Disease to please
  4. Give up the Guilt
  5. Don’t Be Nice - Be Authentic
  6. Teach People How To Treat You
  7. Be Clear About What You Can Give
  8. Live From Your Heart
  9. Choose Happiness
  10. Choose Compassion
  11. Learn to Be Happy Without A Man
  12. Manage Your Expectations
  13. Cultivate These 6 Forms Of Independence
  14. Security Or Freedom?
  15. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  16. Face Your Fears
  17. Live In The Now
  18. Surrender To Faith
  19. Attract More Abundance In Your Life
  20. Are these “Brules” Ruining Your Life?
  21. Embrace Your ‘Weirdness’
  22. Care For Your Body & Mind
  23. Seek Help When You Need It
  24. Giving Back: Find A Higher Purpose.

My Take:

As you read the mentioned chapters you will definitely feel related and connected, and if you do trust me you really need to read this book. The good thing about the book Devi2Deva is Priya Florence Shah the Author has herself gone through these difficulties and she has used the same techniques she has described here. It's not easy to overcome inner struggles and insecurities yet alone write about it. I must say Author Priya Florence Shah has shown great affords and tremendous hard work in writing the book Devi2Deva. There are many other book references that are used to help women completely. 

Also, the motivational quotes from inspiring people makes this book even more interesting to read. Author Priya Florence Shah has also provided Tips and recommendations for professional help. This book also contains, tests to know yourself better for eg. What would I do right now if I had absolutely nothing stopping me?

I loved reading this book as it teaches you to do things and not ask yourself how will it happen but only what you want and why you want. Which is exactly what women need to understand.

The only thing lacking was, the book is written keeping in mind for mostly married women but being a 23-year old I wanted to read more about common difficulties faced by women of all ages, but that's only my thought. 

Overall liked the book would really recommend every woman to read this at least once and share with other women too. Whether you are a young girl or a woman, everyone should be equal and independent and mostly happy so click on the link below to read the book and turn yourself from Devi 2 Diva:


  1. It was my Pleasure, Keep writing and inspiring women around the world. Keep up the good work :)


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