The Sunny Adventure: a story about true friendship By Ira Alice

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The Blurb: 

Mother Fox asked her little daughter to go hunting and get some food for the very first time in her life. The little fox decided to catch the Sun since it looked very appetizing. Going in search of it, the girl had no idea she would meet a little toad Loudcroak who would become her faithful friend. This charming adventure story is filled with kindness, courage, and faith, teaching children how true friendship overcomes any obstacles.

The Story:

The story start with the Redkin sleeping under a rowan tree, enjoying the summery whether, the little fox want nothing but to sleep and enjoy, but it was not possible because her mother had asked her to hunt for the very first time and she decided it's time to give mother something special. Looking at the sun, it looked delicious, So whats better to give mother a delicious sun? On her way to find Sun, she meets a little frog name Loudcroak, who quickly became her friend and accompanied her in search of the Sun, and to have a piece of it. So from running towards the deepest forest, to crossing river banks and overcoming the fever, from river to the middle of the cabbage field with delicious thick scent, the little fox and frog moved forward. Showing a great example of friendship and courage. So will they be able to get sun for her mother? Or will the story end with disappointment?

My Take:

Amazing, to describe the story in one word. The book is very cute and the pictures of the little fox and frog is what made me think that I was a kid too. Author has described every part in detailed manner, from whether to forest, from animals to their characters, everything was well written. Also I like when the little fox realizes the the frog is meant to be her food and not a friend, but she has her mind set that nothing can come between friendship. And as every children book has a moral of the story, this book has too. It's friendship that we should support each other, and if we do that we can overcome any obstacles in life. Friendship is pure and innocent.

Overall loved the book and would recommend to give this book to your children, Niece and Nephews or simply should be read in school to teach the your young ones about true friendship. 

Click on the link to read the cute little book on friendship between a little fox and a frog:


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