Guarded by Mr Handsome: A Bodyguard Romance by Dee James

The Blurb:

Natasha Rai was a wealthy heiress running a successful business. With beauty, brains, money, and a loving family, she seemingly had it all. All but love! Just when she'd given up on men, on love, Arjun Warrier, the ex-army man who broke her heart, re-entered her life. One look at him, and her walls threatened to crumble. Arjun vowed to protect her from danger, but who will save her heart from him?

Arjun Warrier remembered Natasha as a beautiful teenager. He was unprepared for the stunning and confident entrepreneur who was facing threats from an unknown stalker. As the stalker raised the stakes, Arjun knew he had to keep close to Natasha. But, would he be able to keep his hands off her? Last time he'd walked away, it had almost destroyed them. Can he walk away unscathed this time around?

The Story:

It's a story about a girl who gets a crush on his big brother's friend when she was just 14 years old. Arjun and Natasha become friends later when he leaves for the Army, they exchange letters for 3 years. It's almost her 18th birthday when Arjun finally comes back from the Army to meet her and his best friend. But seeing her all grown up and excited for him, Arjun rejects her and breaks her heart, having his own reasons.

After ages, when Natasha is all grown up, with a successful business and well settled in Banglore an unknown threat leaves her devastated and scared.

Arjun has started his own company of protection and he's personally taking care of Natasha requested by her brother and his best friend Rahul. Seeing him she is happy but more scared to have a feeling for him. So once the stalker is caught will they finally be together? or it's just a duty call for Arjun and he will never feel anything for his best friends, little sister?

My Take:

The story is simple and great. The way Author has developed characters it was simply great. The story is not a fictional fantasy that can only happen in books or movies, I could see it happening in real life. It was relatable. And the romance scenes, it did make me blush and it was relatable too. I also loved the side characters, Tanya and Niel. But it was a bit confusing because at first she was just crushing over him and then in next, she was crying because he went to meet his family for marriage, and he comes back, then they were engaged, it was confusing at first then I just found out that this is the 2nd book, and the first book is all about Tanya and Neil, they have an entire book of their own. That is the first in this series and is called 'Seduced by Mr. Perfect'. When you read that book and then this one, you'd get it.

Overall the ebook is great and you should definitely read it. Fully recommendation for those who are looking for some mystery and love story.

Click on the link to read the 1st book "Seduced by Mr. Perfect," for free: 

Click on the link to read the 2nd book "Guarded by Mr. Handsome: A Bodyguard Romance."


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