More Unfairy Tales By T F Carthick

The Blurb:

A knight rescues a damsel in distress. They marry, the whole kingdom rejoices, and everyone lives happily ever after. The end.
Or at least that's what Official sources say. But what tales do insiders tell? What secrets lie buried deep inside Davey Jones' Locker? What, dear reader, about The Unfairy tales?

The stories the Knight-in-Shining-Armour and the Damsel-in-Distress have never wanted you to know. Tales which Fairyland had kept locked up in secret and thrown away the key. Until our rogue bard went back in time and ferreted out skeletons hidden within secret cupboards of desolate mansions. Our fearless crusader of truth and justice brings to you the second volume of revelations from fairyland. You will find five more unfairly tales hidden within the pages of this tiny tome, the sequel to Carthick's Unfairy Tales. Stories of elves out to decipher the ways of men and dwarves seeking to reclaim their own histories. Of spurned witches and lost wolves. These stories are going to change everything you have ever believed about fairyland and give you a peek underneath the gossamer threads of glamour and magic peddled by the Fae.

The Story:

There are 5 stories based on the side characters of the most famous fairytale. 
1. From the Fairytale of “Snow White and the seven dwarfs,” the story version is written with the point of view of 7 Dwarfs.
2. From the Fairytale of “Beauty and the Beast”, the story version is written with the point of view of The Witch.
3. From the Fairytale of “Little Red Riding Hood,” the story version is written with the point of view of The hungry Fox.
4. From the Fairytale of “Rapunzel,” the story version is written with the point of view of The Witch.
5. From the Fairytale of “The Elves and the Shoemaker” the story version is written with the point of view of The Witch.

My Take:

Have you ever wondered what did the 7 dwarfs thought in the fairy tale of “Snow White and the seven dwarfs”? Yes, this book is about the side characters of the most famous fairytale from our childhood. I love fairy-tales, I basically grew up watching and reading about them. Reading this book reminded me of my childhood. If you look at the book cover, you will probably think it’s a children’s books, but trust me it’s not and you will enjoy the book very much. Every story is more interesting than other and the sense of humor of the Author is what blown my mind away. I like what the Author said “If all evil people are ugly, by corollary everyone assumes all ugly people are evil.” It just touched my heart. I never really gave a second thought about the side characters but after reading this book I can’t seem to stop wondering about it. I also liked the twist that the author gave at the end of every story, and as the Title says “More unfairly Tales” well once you read it you will agree with the Author. 

Overall liked the book very much and would recommend everyone to read it to find the mystery of the side charters. 

Click on the link to find out what did the witch feel when the prince rejected her from the tale of Beauty and the Beast:


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