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The Blurb:

Karna could never have lost the final battle to Arjuna had he not given away his Kavach (armour) and Kundal (earrings) that were a gift from his father, Surya. The armour rendered Karna invincible against any foe. We are in the 21st century. What if someone can find that armour today? Vasu, a resolute man, sets out to retrieve the Kavach-Kundal. To guide him Karna himself turns up from the past. The hunt takes them to the Himalayas in the North, Dwarka in the West, Rameshwaram in the South and Konark in the East. And at each leg, they have to surmount hurdles of catastrophic proportions. And Vasu is not the only one interested in this quest. A dubious character gets on Vasu’s trail and casts traps on his path. The young and charming Sahar, a marine archaeologist, joins Vasu to help him in the race. Join Vasu and Sahar in this thrilling adventure to know why the armour was all that potent, and if it still exists

The Story: 

Kavach of Surya is a story of the powerful Armour that once belonged to Karna; son of Surya. The Armour is known as Kavach Kundal. It's a mythological story, where you will find many facts and legends of Indian History. 

The Story is about a man; Vasu and his believe in Karna; his idol. He wants to find Kavach Kundal that is centuries old or maybe even more. The main motive to find the Kavach is to bring the balance between evil and good. He believes that its time to find the Kavach, as the one who wears it will be the person who cannot be defeated, and Vasu thinks that he is the person who can restore the balance and who is also worried if someone else; neither less if a terrorist comes in the possession of this kundal then world could be in great danger.

As the Kavach Kundal was a part of the mortal world, Lord Indra was not allowed to enter heaven along with it, so Lord Indra hid the Kavach Kundal in the mortal world; India with great protection. The story continues with the introduction of 9 Chiranjeev; The Immortals. To start the quest for Kavach Kundal, without any map or script to follow, Vasu decides to meet the Guru of his Guru Karna, the first Immortal Parashurama; the teacher of Karna. It is not easy to find the immortal, it's not like they will be standing beside you, or wait maybe they are. We never know, Lord can show himself in any form and anyone. So after finding the clue to go to Himalayas, from his Guru Parashurama, Vasu started his journey to North to the icy mountains. 

After the long journey he finally found a piece of the Kavach Kundal, he never realized that Lord Indra had divided the Armour into pieces and hid them in different locations. At the icy mountain, Vasu got it's first part along with a scroll engraved with a map to find the next piece, which lead him to to the south of India, between Sri Lanka and India. He met the second Immortal there and with that, he realized that he wasn't the only one looking for the Kavach Kundal. After an epic adventure, Vasu gets the next clue and lands at the location of the lost city of Dwarka; the city lost in the sea.

After nearly losing his life Vasu finds the third piece, but he is disappointed when he finds only half of the Kavach Kundal, which meant he needs to find one more. So will Vasu find the fourth and final piece without any clue? Will it be more difficult to find than the last one?

My take: 

If you are a first-time reader, you should know this is the second book of the Author Surendra Nath.
The starting two pages will confuse you, it will tempt you to stop and read the first book,(you can always do that) but as Author promised this book stands on its own. So as I read further, trying to keep up with the character, And as promised I found myself lost in the book. After the first chapter, I was fully aware of the Characters and where the story headed. From the magical realm of Immortals in Icy mountains to the legend of the Mythical creature Yatis, I could imagine them all, as I read the book. After finding the first piece I thought that everything is just so magical, like mind reading and telepathy, I assumed that the rest of the book will be the same, easy to find the pieces now by using these powers, but to my surprise when Vasu reaches South, he finds that the famous Scientist was kidnapped and he chases the bad buy like any other hero that we watch in a movie. Seriously I was impressed by the way Author described the whole scene and it seemed more logical than magical. Coming to the third part, the most mysterious location, the underwater city. I gasped as I read the word Mermaid, and it grasps my full attention from there.

So from Icy Mountain; North to the Isthmus islands between India and Sri Lanka; South. To South to the Lost City of Gujrat; West. From west to the temple of Puri in the East. It was the Journey not only Vasu took, but along with him I did too.

What I loved the most in his book apart from being magical and full of legends, is the Character Vasu.

I always found myself emotional when it comes to believing in God, I m a believer and follower of Lord Shiva, So whenever I visit a temple any temple I join my hand and close my eyes, I imagine the god standing in front of me and he his blessing me, automatically my eyes are filled with tears and I know that now I'm at peace and I feel spiritually awaken. So while reading this book I found the same feeling, When Vasu met the Immortals ones, he got down on his knees and address them with more respect, bowed his head. Each time Vasu bowed his head my eyes were filled with tears with the same belief of the god.

Apart from these, you should read the book because it is filled with adventures and Mythological creatures and also to simply learn about some of the Legends and Facts of our country. 

So overall I loved the book and the author has done a great job and I could see the hard work and you will too when you read the last line of the book. I definitely and with assurance will recommend to read this book to find the kavach Kundal on your own with Vasu and Karna; the son of Surya.


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