Love on the Everest By Deepthi Ayyagari

The Blurb: 

Snow-capped mountains and peaks that appear precarious to folks who prefer the solid comfort of level-ground, are like home to me! I am Siddharth. My parents would have probably been okay had I turned to the forests seeking nirvana like the Buddha. But I have turned to the mountains to seek solace; or adventure, depending on how you look at it. The mountains are my home. They are my paradise. My parents wanted me to leave my adventures, marry a girl, and ‘settle down'. I'm not sure what that means, but I understand their love. So I obliged them by getting engaged to a girl of their choice, but fate had other plans for me. During my mission to climb Everest, I fell in love–with my Sherpani, the woman who was my guide on the treacherous

climb. Fate, however, is not satisfied playing games with me. It wants me to deal with more. Much more! I don't know if I will ever climb Everest. I don't know if I will ever win my Sherpani. But I know that I MUST. Even though life has taken a drastic and unimaginable turn…

The Story: 

The story is about a mountaineer Siddhart and his love for climbing mountains. The story starts with passion that Sid shows towards climbing from the childhood. And as he grows the passion for climbing grows along with him. All his life the only thing that he loved or wanted was to climb mountains and was happy to love mountain rather than any other girl. 

And being a only child, his parents worried about it and just like any Indian Parent would do, they forced him (Emotionally blackmailed him) to get settle down and leave the passion behind of Climbing. So the stories continues, and how Sid requests to climb Everest for the last time before marriage and there’s that he finds his true love that chances the way he looked at life. And how his passion grows again to not only love mountain but to love his Sherpani too.

My Take: 

It took me only half a day to finish this novel, once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop myself from finishing it. I loved the way the Author has described Siddharth’s passion for climbing and, how it was not just about climbing for name sake or to benefit with it, he just loved climbing for himself as he got the thrill in the adventure. I could feel the worries and concerns that the author showed through Siddharth’s mother and I could relate to it too.

I was not expecting a poem, but there it was described wonderfully and the personal note at the end, touched my heart. The most beautiful part of the book was, when Dohna explains Sidharth what love is. The way she says that love can only be felt by heart as the language of love is not words; it made me smile. 

I also like the way Author explains the growth of passion of climbing to passion for love. How it can change you forever, even if you are not together. 

The book made me smile, laugh, worried and in all made me imagine the beautiful icy Everest. 

Overall I loved the book and would recommend other to read it, to find how the story ends, is it with him that he finally being able to climb Everest along with his love? Or he just give up his passion for Love? 


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