Birth of a Duo By by Chandrayan Gupta

The Blurb & Story: 

Aditya Gokhale – a cynical, skeptical, reluctant teenager, and Radha Bose – a hard-working, professional, determined private investigator, end up working together. Their first case is to figure out whether the death of a television actor’s son is a suicide or murder. With Aditya’s personal life in disarray, and Radha dealing with her own demons, will they be able to put their differences in personality aside and work together? Will the partnership crash and burn, or will it be the birth of a duo? 

My Take: 

Starting from the start, I love the Aditya’s character. His personality is uniquely described as a sarcastic, a bit rude, down to earth, blunt, and yet with a great sense of humor. I just couldn’t stop myself from smiling or clucking on his dialogue and comments. Birth of a Duo by Chandrayan Gupta is a unique book, it's not a love story but a Mystery solving Thriller. There are few times when Author talked about depression, loneliness, new generations logic, and how everyone was losing thyself in Social Media. I liked the way he expressed the issue of social media. I also like the way chapters are written from both perspective, from Aditya view as well as from Radha's, it’s a very clever work done by the author. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop myself from completing it. I finished reading the book within a day. Loved the puzzle and clues too. The book has described the bond between two different individuals, both have their own ethics and way of looking at the world. Even with their differences, their bond grew stronger and respectful. The message that no one can help you better than yourself is what makes the book perfect. 

Overall, the book is very interesting and will definitely recommend other to read it, to solve the case of suicide or murder? With Aditya and Radha a unique duo. 

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